Natural Bluish Green Tourmaline

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Additional Info
Weight In Caret 5.9100
Weight In Ratti 6.4800
Weight in grm 1.1800
COLOUR Bluish Green
Benefits It can help you release your stress and anxieties.
Quality Excellent
Shape Oval Mixed
Mantra "om bum budhaya namah"
SIZE 11.91 X 10.06 X 8.53 MM
CERTIFICATION Free Lab Certificate
TREATMENT Unheated And Untreated

Natural Bluish Green Tourmaline

The blue color of tourmaline is known by the name indicolite. It is one of the rarest colors in tourmaline. Indicolite tourmalines exhibit a wide range of vivid blue and blue-green shades. Its typical color is a deep almost neon blue-green. Natural Bluish green tourmalines are a unique miracle of color. Often two or more colors are found in a single tourmaline crystal making a bi color of blue or blue-green and another color tourmaline. Also rare are tourmaline gems which appear to change their color and cat's eye tourmalines. Indicolite is one of the rarer and most popular varieties of tourmaline. Blue Tourmaline is one of the rarest varieties in the tourmaline family.

Benefits of Natural Bluish Green Tourmaline :

It can help you release your stress and anxieties.
It can transform all negative energies into positive energies.
It can boost the immune system and help with the treatment of certain cancers.
This stone carries energies of protection and purification.


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