Ruby is a gemstone which is constituted of corundum mineral. It is generally known by the name of "Manik" in Hindi. It comes in different hues of red colour. The pure red ruby is most admired as no other gemstone is available in this colour. It is the birthstone of July born. At Rashiratan Jaipur you can buy ruby stone online starting at just Rs. 688 to Rs. 3,10,000. The ruby stone is available in a weight range of 1carat to 12 carats.

It is the gemstone of Sun recommended for a successful life, improving status, boosting confidence and growth in professional front. It is believed to revive the vivacity and youthfulness in individuals. It is also associated with love, enthusiasm, supremacy and optimism towards life.  This symbolises is as a stone that creates powerful feelings.

It is used in jewellery to adore the beauty of a woman. Ruby is utilized in manufacturing pendants, rings, bracelets, ear jewellery, etc. It can be used either as the centrepiece or with other stone (mainly diamond) to design alluring jewellery. We provide reasonable ruby gemstone price in India to deliver the best quality at the right cost. Gold or copper is used as a base metal for Ruby and worn in the ring finger.

According to Vedas ruby is the birthstone of Leo zodiac sign but the ascendant of Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces wear them too. Here are some major benefits of wearing his gemstone –

Grow Professionally – It gives you more authority to people who work in administrative services, a higher position that require leadership qualities, polities, etc. the students who are want to join the central civil service can also wear it for favourable results.

Professional and Academic Success – Ruled by the powerful Sun, ruby stone benefits people working in professions or positions where authority is commanded e.g. administrative services, politics, diplomacy and other leadership roles. It is also advised to be worn by students prepare for state or central services examinations.

Progress in Status – If you do not belong to a noble background by birth, wearing this gemstone can elevate your economic condition.

Better Health - Buy ruby stone online is great for people who have weak eyesight, heart problem, etc. It also boosts your confidence.

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