Ruby Stone [ Manik ]

In Sanskrit, "Ruler of Gems" or Ratnaraja exemplifies the sun with its force and splendid light and was the name given to all dark red diamonds, from rubies to garnets. Today, the corundum ruby family are normally sturdy gemstones that are hued with chromium and transmit inner fluorescence when light hits the gemstone. With her dynamic red and enrapturing charm, Ruby stone makes certain to stop people in their tracks with her striking tones known to her for improving both wellbeing and connections.

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Benefits of Ruby Stone:

Ruby Stone is a precious and beautiful stone that is available in red or pink color. ruby gemstones improve health, career, and splendor. ruby gemstone will become raj ratan when it will associate with the house of the sun of Wearers, 

⭐Manik stone(माणिक) represents the Leo (सिंह) Rashi. 

⭐According to Vedic astrologers ruby stone is a July birth gemstone.

⭐Ruby stone brings fame, name popularity and produces his desired bearer. It helps in enhancing the creativity and confidence in the life of the wearer.

⭐ Ruby stone improves couple relationships status, mutual understanding, and make beautiful changes in their life. it removes difficulties in couples' life.  

⭐according to Vedic astrologer and planet gemologist Ruby (Manik) gives Mental peace and smooth life it reduces the number of issues like stress, anxiety and anger problem 

⭐Ruby gemstone gives the power of authority. Ruby gemstone is truly the king of gemstones and has always been connected with royalty and authority throughout historical times according to Indian astrologers if any who has a compatible position of the sun in their horoscope they have been king-like authority status and luxury life

⭐Business and Professional: leading sun ruby stone is beneficial for those people who want to lead e.g.: politicians, administrative service, and professional workforce.

⭐Enhance financial and social status: according to Indian astrologers ruby stone helps in solving financial problems and improves social status.

Who should wear Ruby Stone?

According to astrologers, it should be someone who wants name and fame in our life and suffering from bad health problems for a long time.  

⭐Ruby gemstone is good for artists & business persons, 

⭐Ruby stones improve digestion.

⭐Ruby stone mostly prescribed by Leo Rashi by the astrologers

⭐Ruby gemstone improves the sun's place in our Rashi.

How to Wear a Ruby?

  • Color: Dim pink to purplish red.
  • Fingers: Wear them on the ring finger of your predominant hand and the gems will contact your body.
  • Neck: Wear it as a pendant with gemstones contacting your body.
  • Metal: The warm tones of yellow gold make an extraordinary mix with the amazing notes of normal rubies.
  • Constellation: Leo (Western and Vedic)

From profound pink to dark red, normal rubies were thought to insure against illness and were utilized as charms. Today, these amazing agents of the sun bring a blazing sentiment, incredible energy, and intense mental fortitude that it's difficult to turn away.

These uncommon reds, the July Birthstones, work mystically so as not to imperil the wearer.


While picking a characteristic ruby, quality is basic for its worth and the force of the diamond. More extraordinary than their cousin, the normal blue sapphire, rubies require extremely uncommon conditions within the sight of chromium to shape pearls. Confirmations that underwrite rubies regularly enhance gemstones since they give data about the set of experiences and beginning of the work. At Navratan, every gemstone accompanies a free outsider endorsement to assist you with understanding your gemstone more obviously.

  • Color: Different beginnings that give various shades of tone. The best tone, regular ruby, has a splendidly immersed unadulterated red or somewhat purplish red. Generally, business or efficiently manufactured pieces frequently come in heat-offered colors from orange purplish caramel red.
  • Transparency: Natural gemstones have inward attributes that are interesting and separate from one another contrasted with individual fingerprints. These attributes furnish gemologists with adequate reach to decide the beginning of gemstones. At the point when cut from fluid, silk, and gem considerations and faceted with foreknowledge, the incorporations help in the excellence and splendor of the jewel. Gemstones with a faultless appearance request the most noteworthy worth.
  • Cutting: Cutting is fundamental as it can make or break the shade of the regular ruby. Pleochroic (rubies are purplish-red one way, orange-red in the other) cautiously slices adornments to amplify uniform tone and give a profound, standard red color.
  • Treatment: Ruby, perhaps the costliest gemstone is known to people, is frequently treated and can be disregarded. Comprehend the diamonds you are putting resources into and pose the right inquiries about the historical backdrop of the gemstones that contribute at reasonable prices. Unheated regular gemstones will in general request the most noteworthy worth, while the heat treatment is acknowledged in the business, however, should be uncovered alongside expanded straightforwardness, for example, glass filling and dissemination, which builds the price of the pearl.


The area where the jewels are mined assumes a significant part in deciding the shade of the ruby. The marble stores of Myanmar uncover the absolute best and most beneficial rubies with a splendid fluorescent red tone. Thai rubies make up most of the gemstones available today and will in general be dull, mined from basalt, and obscured. Mozambique and other African rubies structure a uniform tone in amphibolite with fewer inward breaks and holes.

Ruby Jewelry:

Regular rubies have an energetic red tone, which is certainly a striking articulation. At the point when set in adornments, these versatile gemstones have a splendid appearance and an optimal fit. The solid idea of the Mohs hardness of 9 liberates the diamonds from ordinary wear.


The price of normal rubies depends on quality, which isn't unexpected, as these uncommon reds can price up to $ 100,000 for every carat. For instance, the Burmese ruby, which weighs 8.62 carats and has an exceptionally perfect appearance, has no proof of treatment and is sold at closeout for $ 421,981 (Rs 32,200,000).

When understanding the price of rubies, comprehend the relationship of the accompanying elements:

  • Color: Profound, uniform red with splendid energetic tints and lively fluorescence that right away improves the worth of regular rubies. Striking, heartfelt gemstone firsts tones and dark red are important long-haul ventures.
  • Transparency: Visibly clean diamonds request the most elevated worth because of their extraordinariness. Clean normal rubies can arrive at a worth of around Rs 50,000 for every carat. It is fitting to put resources into a characteristic ruby of uniform tone with generally scarcely any noticeable considerations.
  • Carat Weight: The ruby is accessible in little measures going from 10 to 15 carats, so OTC gemstones and exceptional gemstones are valued unexpectedly. A solitary 1-carat regular ruby can price roughly multiple times more than an efficiently manufactured 5-carat business-handled ruby.
  • Treatments: Treatments applied to gemstones, like these splendid red rubies, will in general decrease their worth. Hotness treatment is done to work on the shade of the pearl; however, it is viewed as an outer change and lessens the worth of the jewel. Expanded straightforwardness, for example, glass filling, further lessens the worth of the pearl and should be uncovered at the hour of procurement.
  • Mining destinations: Burmese rubies are the absolute most important gemstones, trailed by African and Madagascar rubies, and Thai jewels which make up most of the business items.

Care and Cleaning:

Dealing with your normal Ruby is fundamental. Adornments will in a general draw in soil and grime over the long haul and require an incidental shower.

Here's how to securely clean your ruby adornments:

  • Place gems in a bowl of warm foamy water away from the sink.
  • In a bowl, delicately scour the piece with an old delicate fiber toothbrush.
  • Rinse with clean water in a holder.
  • Dry with a material. 

The bowl is for getting pearls that might be out of the setting, however, can be gotten back to the diamond setter for reset.

Try not to utilize brutal synthetic substances. A light hand cleanser can be utilized.

Never wash or spot lacquer gems and kendang pieces.


Q1). Which Ruby is best for me?

Ans1). Red, the shading that addresses love, promptly falls head over heels for its energetic tints. Getting gemstones and their quality will provide you with a moment of thought of diamond thoughts that work and help you with a spending plan.

Q2). Would ruby be able to be joined with different pearls?

Ans2). Ruby is an incredible diamond like the sun that it represents. Wearing it single-handedly or in blend with jewels and different gemstones is normally fine. In Vedic crystal gazing, you should check with your celestial prophet for all diamond mixes to see which one turns out best for you.

Q3). What ruby tone is best for soothsaying?

Ans3). Every individual has an alternate tone, so pick a shading that your heart likes. Purplish-red soaked normal rubies are the most significant and enchanted.

Q4). What amount does Ruby gauge?

Ans4). The ruby utilized in crystal gazing is generally multiple carats (5 lathis). As per the client, the heaviness of Vedic jewels is regularly determined by a celestial prophet.

Q5). How would I realize that the value I am paying for Ruby is right?

Ans5). Understanding the components that impact diamond prices will give you a clearer image of the circumstance. Beginning, size, magnificence, and brightness all add to making costly gemstones that can be sold for Rs 150,000 to Rs 200,000 for every carat. Prices range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 for each carat, as opposed to more business pearls which can be a lot heavier.

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