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Rudraksha has a very interesting story about how it came into existence. It is believed that Shiva, who is the Adi Yogi, was constantly in intense meditation. Shiva once sat in meditation for a long period of time but had to open his eyes because of the intense brightness of the sun. Shiva is said to have shed ecstatic tears when he finally opened his eyes after a long time. Tears were shed, and they eventually grew into a Rudraksha tree. The name, Rudraksha, derives from the ecstatic tears of Rudra. Rudraksha should be worn on our bodies with the appropriate reverence and conviction, and doing so has many wonderful impacts on us.

The Siddha Mala is the most energetic Rudraksha Mala for achieving all of your desires. Rudraksha beads from Nepal's Shakti set are included in these holy prayer beads. The Siddha Combination of Rudraksha is composed of multiple Mukhis. Beads from 2 Mukhi to 14 Mukhi, Gauri-Shankar, and Ganesha Rudraksha are used to make a Siddha Mala, while beads from 2 Mukhi to 16 Mukhi, Gauri-Shankar, and Ganesha Rudraksha are used to make a Sarva. As instructed in our ancient Shastras, beads should be strung face to face and tail to tail. The Siddha combination and the beads from 2 Mukhi to 18 Mukhi combine to form the Highest Sarva Siddha combination. One of the most powerful Rudraksha malas, according to certain people. Since it represents all planets, Gods, and Goddesses, it is the most effective Rudraksha mala for a multidisciplinary approach.

There are three primary sources of the origins of the Holy Rudrakshas, namely, Nepal, Indonesia and India. The Rudraksha that originates from Nepal and Indonesia do have natural holes while those from India do not have natural holes.

Benefits of Siddha Mala

1. It helps unite the family and brings a positive vibe into the home.  It Protects the family from unkind eyes and safeguards the family.

2. This mala promotes the health of the family and brings wealth, success and fortune to the one who owns it.

3. It is a helping hand to Get rid of obstacles in your life and removes the Vaastu dosh's influencing presence.

4. Bless your home by inviting God and the Goddess within and make your family prosperous and content.

5. The mala draws in excellent divine energy, which gives good health, riches, renown, and fortune, and assists in continuously purifying the wearer's energy centres.

6. This mala is said to address all issues that arise in daily life, including job, family, legal issues, and anxiety.

7. This mala is intended to balance all the chakras, appease all the planets, and enhance spirituality. It is regarded as one of the most potent Rudraksha malas.

8. It helps lessen the moon's harmful effects and fixes problems with the kidney, intestines, and eyes.

9. It removes obstacles to marriage and enhances interpersonal harmony. Moreover, this mala assists infertile couples to get pregnant.

10. The wearer establishes a successful business partnership.

11. It makes friendships and other connections better.

12. To receive blessings and guidance in life, embrace the special and powerful Siddha Mala. All of the wearer's ambitions for their perfect life can be realised via it. It also greatly reduces the wearer's possible health problems and other limitations. offers a lot of good energy that facilitates all of life's successes.

Who will benefit the most from wearing Siddha mala?

  1. They are designed for anyone at every stage of life, regardless of their physical or mental health. Children, students, the elderly, and those who are unwell can all benefit from wearing it.
  2. For those with excellent academic standards and aspirations for the highest office, this mala brings wonders.
  3. It is frequently worn by meditators to encourage spiritual development.
  4. In daily life, one comes with challenges, tension, fear, legal troubles, and family concerns so the people facing these problems regularly should wear it.
  5. This mala will help those with bad judgement since it strengthens their visualising ability, which prevents them from making incorrect choices and helps them determine the nature of the individuals they are interacting with.
  6. A Rudraksha mala can be worn by anybody who has an unwavering belief in the all-mighty Lord Shiva and the holy bead "Rudraksha" to demonstrate their unwavering devotion to and faith in the mala.

How to wear Siddha mala properly?

  1. It can be put at the altar or worn or carried in a bag on the person.
  2. The wrists or upper arms are where the bracelets are worn. This is the most effective way to wear them, providing a variety of therapeutic advantages while also using all of the beads' potential.
  3. A brief ceremony must be performed to set the intention and energy for your new mala beads. Activating your mala is a lovely method to connect the beads to your energy and intention.
  4. Make a peaceful environment and get into a relaxed seating position.  Your preferred incense should be lit. You can wash your mala in clear water with blossoms if you'd want to do that first. Put your eyes closed and begin to breathe more deeply. While breathing, set your purpose to the beads with a calm and clear mind as you move each bead between your fingers.
  5. Try to picture yourself achieving inner serenity and harmony.
  6. "Om Hrim Namah Shivaya Om" is a conventional chant for igniting and locking away the energy in your brand-new rudraksha mala. At least three times, repeat this chant. For the energetic bond to be sealed, sit for at least five minutes.
  7. Once your mala beads are active, you may wish to routinely cleanse and clean them. Considering that it is said that the beads collect and retain energy, you might find it beneficial to regularly cleanse your mala beads. There are several options available to you on how to go about doing this exposing your mala to moonlight or daylight, a lit sage is being burned over your mala,
  8. ringing the borders or striking the side of a singing bowl while putting your mala inside.
  9. We advise against lending or sharing your malas so as to prevent energy transmission. . 

Siddha Mala Benefits From its Beads

Ganesh Rudraksha- Remove the abstract from your life
Gauri Shanker Rudraksha  - Increase Family Unity 
1 Mukhi Rudraksha - Concentration power 
2 Mukhi Rudraksha – Protective power 
3 Mukhi Rudraksha – enlightenment 
4 Mukhi Rudraksha – Happiness 
5 Mukhi Rudraksha - Good mental health
6 Mukhi Rudraksha - Enhance your leadership abilities. 
7 Mukhi Rudraksha - Give wealth 
8 Mukhi Rudraksha - Give Success 
9 Mukhi Rudraksha - Increase Physical Health 
10 Mukhi Rudraksha - Bring happiness and good health to your life.
11 Mukhi Rudraksha - Save From Negative Energy
12 Mukhi Rudraksha - In Society, Energy and Name
13 Mukhi Rudraksha - Increase Physical Power 
14 Mukhi Rudraksha - Give moksha

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