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White Coral Stone

It is a well-known gem of Vedic astrology and is used for financial success, spiritual peace, strong willpower, and healthy offspring.

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Who Should Wear White Coral (Safed Moonga) Stones?

White Coral Stone (Safed Moonga in Hindi) is an important astrological gem because it is associated with the dominant planet, Mars. Therefore, before using Safed Moonga, it is important to ensure that Mars is correctly placed in the native natal chart. Some astrologers associate the white Mungaratone with the planet Venus because of its white color.

  • Vedic Astrology recommends Safe Moongaratna for Mesha (Taurus) and Vristik (Scorpio) Rashi.
  • Western astrology stipulates the Safe Moonga birthstone in the sign of Scorpio.
  • SafeMoonga Ratna can also be used by Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer, and Leo ascendants.

How to Wear White Coral Stone (Safed Moonga)?

  • Body Weight: At least 1/10 of body weight. for instance. A person weighing 60 kg can carry a 6 carat Safe Moonga stone.
  • Color: Pure, unblemished, white Moonga gems are most preferred. Alternatively, you can use untreated and unheated natural white coral stones in off-white tones.
  • Metal: Silver or gold is highly recommended. In some cases, platinum, or white gold are also available.
  • Finger: worker's ring finger
  • Day and Time: During the Shukla Paksha period from 5 to. M. A 7 a. M. Tuesday.

Safed Moonga Stone Benefits:

The White Mungagemstone, also known as "Shwet Praval" in Sanskrit, is considered a very informative Rashiratan. According to the sacred Vedas, Safe Moonga gemstones are very effective for natives under the influence of weak Mars.

  • Promote Financial Stability: The use of white coral stones is believed to benefit those facing financial problems.
  • Suppresses Anger and Strengthens Determination: Considered a stone of wisdom, White Moon Gagemstone benefits those who have difficulty controlling their temper and negative emotions. It helps to release negative energy from the body and restores calm and inner peace.
  • Treatment of Respiratory and Blood-Related Diseases: The benefits of White Moonga surpass all other gems when it comes to improving the cardiovascular and respiratory health of the user. Certain Ayurvedic texts also recommend Safed Moonga for people suffering from blood-related disorders, jaundice, bronchitis, asthma, etc.
  • Blessing of Happiness of the Offspring: In alternative healing therapies, white coral stones are believed to benefit pregnant women by giving them positive energy and thereby reducing emotional stress. This jewel can also be worn by babies suffering from malnutrition and loss of appetite.

Safed Moonga Stone Price:

The price of white coral stones is determined by evaluating their origin, color, shape, transparency, and carat weight. Safe Moonga in India ranges in price from £ 250 per carat and can go as high as £ 400 per carat, depending on the quality.

  • Origin: Italian and Japanese Safedomunga gemstones command the best prices from Safedomunga for their beautiful colors.
  • Color: The perfect natural white moon gemstone is considered more valuable in the market due to its high demand. Safed Moonga prices are typically lower for dull, off-white, or pinkish stone tones.
  • Shape: White coral stone, an organic gemstone, is vulnerable to damage and can crack under pressure. Commonly sold as round, oval, capsule, and triangular-shaped cabochon gemstones (polished faceted stones). Triangular gems are relatively expensive due to their low availability.
  • Transparency: The transparency of the white coral stone, an opaque gemstone, is determined by its surface texture and overall luster. The price of White Moonga increases with bright white coral stones, well-polished and without blemishes. The Safed Moonga price will drop if it contains scratches, stains, or holes.
  • Carat Weight: White coral stones are rarely available in large sizes. Therefore, smooth, unstained white coral stones of more than a few carats are priced about their rarity.
  • Treatment: Very often, low-quality white coral stones are treated to increase color and durability. Therefore, these synthetic or lab-made white coral stones are available at a lower price. Always keep in mind that the value of natural white coral stones is higher than that of treated or synthetic ones.


People often buy white coral stones for astrological and healing purposes. Therefore, it is very important to buy good quality genuine Mungaratan to get the maximum profit. High-quality white coral stones Gemstones generally come from a reputed origin and exhibit a brilliant white color with white sharks, a smooth and shiny surface. Therefore, when analyzing the quality of white coral gemstones, the origin, color, and transparency should be emphasized.


Q1). Can I use white coral stone as a substitute for red coral astrology?

Ans1). No. If the astrologer recommends it, it is always advisable to wear the original red coral jewelry. Both gems have a common origin and belong to Mars, but their astrological contributions are substantially different. The responsible seller, Pmkk Gems, suggests that he always consult with an astrologer before using the Munga gemstone. Our in-house team of astrologers can guide you in detail on how to reap the benefits of Safed Moonga is the most efficient way.

Q2). How should I check the quality of the white coral stones to get the best astrological results?

Ans2). According to Vedic standards, you should always use high-quality natural white coral stones with no visible spots or shadows. Japanese white coral stones may be the next preferred option. It is always advisable to request a laboratory certificate to ensure the quality of the gem. See a wide range of sales of high-quality original white coral stones at the most reasonable prices. We value the trust of our customers and therefore offer a free laboratory certificate to guarantee the quality of all gemstones.

Q3). For astrological reasons, what day is the most appropriate to wear a Safed Munga gemstone?

Ans3). "Tuesday" is the day of Mars according to the sacred Vedas. Therefore, astrologers are always advised to use Safed Moonga ratan at sunrise on Tuesday morning (ideally Shukla Paksha). It is desirable to follow the puja ritual and use it after reciting the sacred mantra for maximum benefit.

Q4). Can I use white coral stones as an alternative to opal and diamond astrology?

Ans4). According to Hindu astrology, the white coral stones (Munga ratan in Hindi) are the gems of Mars, while the opals or diamonds represent Venus. Therefore, it is not advisable to use white coral stones instead of opal gems or diamonds in astrology. Before using the gem, it is advisable to consult with an expert astrologer for a detailed analysis of the watch.

Q5). Is the triangular White Coral Stone(Safed Moonga) better than the round one?

Ans5). No, the shape of the gem does not affect its astrological value. The benefits of red coral astrology depend on the weight and collective quality of the gem. The triangular red coral or "Tikona Lal Safed Moonga" is a fashionable expression rather than an astrological preference and is generally sought after for jewelry purposes.

It is a well-known gem of Vedic astrology and is used for financial success, spiritual peace, strong willpower, and healthy offspring.

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White Coral

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