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Yellow Sapphire

The yellow sapphire, pukhraj, or Jupiter stone is a splendid Canarian assortment of the corundum group of minerals. A delicate shading that is connected with bliss and achievement, yellow sapphire takes on a characteristic tone from iron and the focal point of jewel tone. The warm tones of metals, for example, rose gold and yellow gold supplement the sun-kissed tones of these yellow sapphires and add to the recuperating impact of these jewels.

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How to Wear Yellow Sapphire?

  • Color: Golden lemon-yellow sapphire with a splendid inward brilliance.
  • Fingers: Wear them on the pointer of your prevailing hand and the adornments contacts your body.
  • Neck: Wear it as a pendant and the adornments will contact your body.
  • Metal: Yellow gold, rose gold, and silver goes impeccably with the warm tones of yellow sapphire.
  • Constellation: Sagittarius (West) Sagittarius and Pieces (Vedas).

Because of its astounding splendor, put resources into untreated normal yellow sapphire. Firmly connected with an exceptionally solid planet, Jupiter utilizes a characteristic canary-hued sapphire and is known to work on monetary status, success, and better scholarly execution.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Benefits:

An adaptable player like Jupiter, the prevailing planet, gives joy and imperativeness, just as the shadings that yellow sapphires transmit.

  • Financial achievement
  • Happy marriage
  • Promotes sound revival
  • Stability and establishing


Untreated regular yellow sapphire is accepted to have solid recuperating properties, so discovering diamonds that can associate with the wearer is significant. Understanding gemstone quality and putting resources into confirmed regular gemstones can influence the planet. Each Navratan buy is joined by a free ISO guaranteed outsider gemologist authentication, furnishing every client with an extra layer of safety and certainty.

These pointers can be useful while choosing untreated regular yellow sapphires.

  • Clarity: lucidity capacities are created inside Yellow Sapphire that structure inside the outside and add clear markers of the development interaction. Even though it is normally straightforward, yellow sapphire can have incorporations, characters, and little minor components that add character, making every diamond not the same as each other. It is shrewd to pick an untreated normal yellow sapphire that looks outwardly satisfying or eye-getting on a tight spending plan.
  • Color: Available in an assortment of yellows, from light greenish lemon yellow to more profound nectar-like tones. The best shade is the one that radiates a brilliant touch. Pick a yellow sapphire that doesn't have a general dim/blackish shade and interfaces with the wearer with dynamic power for the ideal fit.
  • Treatment: whenever directed to a diamond, the treatment should be revealed at the hour of procurement. They are given as shading handling or maybe expanded straightforwardness. Understanding gemstone history is fundamental when putting resources into regular yellow sapphires, and accreditation in such a manner gives a vital viewpoint in understanding gemstone legitimacy.


A well-known mine in Sri Lanka (Ceylon Yellow Sapphire), a portion of Navratan's best gold diamonds comes from this rich island country. Our restrictive assortment, which requires no treatment or alteration, additionally incorporates yellow sapphires from Thailand, Africa, Madagascar, and Burma. This is likewise a magnificent wellspring of the greatest quality Canary Sapphires.

Yellow Sapphire Jewelry:

The yellow sapphire is ideal for regular adornments. Faceted jewels spring up when the light passes, making an exhibition of shading, fire, and brightness. Well, known for rings, pendants, and even wristbands, Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is an adaptable gold shading that is ideal for any outfit.


The price of a regular yellow sapphire depends on a few factors like straightforwardness, shading, carat weight, and even treatment. The normal price of yellow sapphire reaches from Rs 2,000 to Rs 15,000 for each carat, and top-notch brilliant yellow can arrive at Rs 50,000 for every carat.

Contingent upon your spending plan and your association with gemstones, it is consistently prudent to put resources into ensured untreated normal gemstones.

  • Color: Color is significant, and a consistently hued normal yellow sapphire without any undercurrents of green or orange brings a more exorbitant price.
  • Transparency: When it comes to straightforwardness, Yellow Sapphire with a spotless appearance guarantee a higher worth, as it is uncommon to discover diamonds that don't have regular interior attributes normally. Discover a piece of gems that looks great.
  • Carat Weight: Big, great yellow sapphires request higher qualities because of their extraordinariness, however little, brilliantly shaded sizes frequently score the most elevated.
  • Mining area: Sri Lankan (Ceylon) sapphire orders excessive prices because of its straightforwardness and brilliant shading, while Thai yellow sapphire is regularly heat-treated to lessen its worth.
  • Treatment: From heat treatment to filling and even shading upgrade, any further improvement to the gemstone will in general decrease the price and uniqueness of the gemstone and should be unmistakably expressed at the hour of procurement.

Care and Cleaning:

Focusing on your normal yellow sapphire is an unquestionable requirement. Adornments will in a general draw in soil and grime after some time and require an infrequent shower.

Here is a protected way of cleaning your yellow sapphire gemstone:

  • Place gems in a bowl of warm sudsy water away from the sink.
  • Lightly focus on the piece of the compartment with an old delicate fiber toothbrush.
  • Rinse the compartment with clean water.
  • Dry with a fabric.

The bowl is utilized to gather the gems that can emerge from that setting, yet that can be gotten back to the goldsmith to be reset.

Try not to utilize brutal synthetics. A light hand cleanser can be utilized.

Never wash or spot finish adornments and kendang pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

(Q). Which Yellow Sapphire Is Best for Me?

(Ans). Pick a characteristic Yellow Sapphire that you like. On the off chance that the dull gold tone addresses you, it is intended for you. Yellow Sapphire energy has a method of uncovering itself. Pick a characteristic yellow sapphire that accommodates your spending plan and requests to you.

(Q). Could yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) be joined with different gemstones?

(Ans). The normal yellow sapphire is amazingly strong and can be joined with precious stones. Concerning soothsaying, except for Nabratna, the matching of yellow sapphires with different jewels ought to be done in counsel with a crystal gazer.

(Q). What is the best yellow sapphire tone in crystal gazing?

(Ans). Vedic soothsaying proposes a characteristic diamond of a brilliant lemon-yellow shading with regards to yellow sapphire. Sri Lankan(Ceylon) yellow sapphire is a famous decision for these advantageous shadings.

(Q). Does the yellow sapphire need to meet the body?

(Ans). It is accepted that when you contact your body through a ring or pendant, the impact of the yellow sapphire grows and becomes more grounded, upgrading the viability of your jewel.

(Q). What is the ideal carat weight for a yellow sapphire?

(Ans). A genuinely huge Yellow Sapphire is a Gemstone that weighs multiple carats for an individual beyond 18 years old. The carat weight is significant; however, its straightforwardness and quality are not unimportant.

(Q). For what reason is the prices of yellow sapphires unique?

(Ans). The price s of these normal pearls will in general shift because of their quality. Seeing every one of the qualities of a pearl from the help, the size of the jewel, and the area of its considerations will influence its allure and extraordinariness. for example. A sublime perfect, radiant yellow 3-carat pearl will price more per carat, while a less spotless dull yellow 5-carat sapphire will price less.

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