Semi Precious Stones

Semi Precious Gemstone

We export, manufacture and sell loose gem at both wholesale and retail prices. Our collection includes authentic gemstones in different cuts, size and grade. Here we provide a collection of semi-precious Gemstone. There are in many types of gemstone available which include amethyst, turquoise, citrine, kidney stone, Iolite Stone, topaz, opal and a lot more. Click on the name of gem to get details of the variety, prices and photos. Buy certified gemstones online directly from the manufacturer with rare quality.

The gemstone is a true gift of nature. They can be used in jewellery for adding more colour and beauty. They are derived from mineral or rock. After refining the impure form they ate then provided with the desired cut, facet and polish. This collection is designed to fulfil your gemstone recommendation by date of birth. The attribute of stone such as the colour, refractive index, clarity accessibility in the natural form makes them desirable. They are commonly distinguished into two types cardinal and semi-precious.

Some of these stones have become popular when famous people like celebrity and royals wore them. You can buy online gemstone in India designed by the most experienced craftsmen in the country. We have achieved the feet of being one of the top gemstone exporters in Jaipur. In India, gems have been the part of our culture from the ancient times. They serve as a valuable commodity due to the metaphysical forces posses by them. We hold the biggest supply of certified gemstone which serves as the best option for high-end jewellers and jewellery designers. Buy lavish gemstone at the most affordable prices from our range today!