Peridot Stone

Peridot Gemstone – Peridot is found in volcanic rock and can form by itself or with other minerals such as olivine and others. Its colour varies from yellowish-green to olive green and even brownish yellow; it often looks like some other green gemstones such as chrysoprase or jadeite, but it can easily be distinguished from them on the basis of its specific gravity.

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Who Should Wear Peridot Stone

The gemstone of August, peridot symbolizes fertility and new beginnings. It represents prosperity and abundance, as well as success in business. When worn by those who believe in crystal healing or Feng Shui, peridot is believed to provide protection and prevent nightmares. Women can wear peridot when they are seeking love or are hoping to conceive a child; it is also thought to help bring happiness into their marriage if both partners wear it at all times. However, care should be taken when purchasing a piece of jewellery with peridot for any of these purposes, because there are no known scientific studies that support claims about crystal healing properties; buy only if you believe in such properties and do not rely on them solely for your safety or well-being.

Benefits of Peridot Gemstone

The main benefit of peridot gemstone (other than being a beautiful piece of jewellery) is that it’s not just an accessory; peridots have a meaning behind them. For instance, in many places, including Egypt and Greece, peridots are used as protection from bad omens and evil spirits. The superstition surrounding these gemstones are thousands of years old so you know they’re effective! If you believe in keeping some form of luck or protection around you at all times, then a green peridot necklace might be right for you. You can also use this stone to bring in good fortune or insight into situations that might be tricky or confusing to explain otherwise.

Price of Peridot Stone in India

Gemstones can range in price from a few Rupees to hundreds of thousands of Rupees, depending on quality and size. Smaller stones are usually less expensive, but big stones are rarer, so you’ll pay more for those. Most peridot stones for sale online cost between Rs.500 and Rs.1000 per carat. If you want a bigger stone—for example, over 2 carats—you’ll pay more than Rs.1500/carat.

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