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LAST UPDATED ON May 20, 2024

Date 18K/GM 22K/GM 24K/GM
May 20, 2024 Rs.58,466/10G Rs.72,133/10G Rs.75,930/10G

Frequently Asked Questions || Gemstones

Gold prices rises impressively following the long weekend, over night sessions and holding on to a majority of those gains. We Provide you with the fast loading charts of the current Gold Price per gram, carat.

Gemstones are beautiful, rare gems have a good history of increasing in value over time. Gemstones tend to be a reliable store of value that is also compact, portable and private.

Currently, you can find some good sources, both primary and secondary dealers, on the Internet. Most cities will have some gem wholesalers.

Citrine is very helpful in manifesting good luck. This gemstone will be especially helpful for prosperity when it comes to finances and business.