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A digital store conceptualized in Jaipur, since 1970 we have been manufacturing precious and semi-precious gemstones and garnering trust for over 53 years.

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Zambian Vs Colombian Emeralds: Which One to Choose?

Emeralds are some of the most popular gemstones in the world, prized for their stunning green colour and rarity. However, not all emeralds are created equal

Published: April 1, 2023

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Yellow Sapphire vs Diamond: Which One Is Worth the Investment?

When it comes to choosing gemstones for astrological benefits or jewellery, diamonds are often the go-to choice for their classic beauty and high value.

Published: April 16, 2023

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Sapphire vs Ruby: Which Gemstone Reigns Supreme?

Sapphire and ruby are known as precious stones. Highly valuable stones include precious stones, which are more costly per carat than diamonds.

Published: march 26, 2023

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We are committed for providing our excellent services to the Clients Since 1970.

Our company has been an integral part of the Rajasthan’s gem industry for several years. We have successfully served a number of clients with high satisfaction. The immense level of experience in the business gives us more expertise over the other gemstone providers. We have continued the legacy of providing superior quality of gems since the establishment started. Our experts have an industry insight into the latest research and development to provide you will the best products.

Our skilled craftsmen are well experienced and passionately handle their job. They are aware of all the up and coming techniques which give us the benefit of practising new methods. In the past few years, our gemstone endeavour has grown significantly. To meet the high demand of gemstones we deliver them in bulk. If you are looking for wholesale birthstone prices in India, this is the right place for you. We send all our gems to the gemmologists for spotting the authentic stones. Our gemstones experts present you will pure stone with high clarity.

Gems maintain their authenticity from the mythological time period till today. At Pmkk Gems an array of gems are available in their natural shade (without any synthesis). Due to the astrological importance, these stone can be used as a remedy to the weak points in the birth chart. They are also believed to have therapeutic effects.

Buy Rashi Ratan online from our store where you are offered with a huge range containing gems in different shades, sizes and shapes. Although we are a gemstone dealer from Rajasthan since our brand is providing delivery not only in India but all around the globe. We serve as the best source for gemstone retailers, designers, and jewellery manufacturers for purchasing the best stones.

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