Sunstone Gemstone

Sunstone is the gem-quality variety of feldspar, which comes in two colours—red and orange (also known as red sunstone). You can find this stone at Pmkk Gems’ online store. Check out our collection of quality, natural sunstone gemstones today!

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Benefits of Wearing a Sunstone Gemstone

Sunstone is not only a beautiful stone but also has many beneficial healing properties. Sunstones are quite rare as they are found only in one place on earth: Minas Gerais, Brazil. It was formed by heat and pressure underground millions of years ago and is mined today. This causes their colours to be extremely rich and vibrant. Sunstones bring an almost luminescent glow to jewellery pieces, so it’s no wonder that they are a favourite among both men and women alike! Here are five benefits you might not know about these gorgeous gemstones...

Who Can Wear a Sunstone Gemstone

While not a traditional birthstone, sunstones are still popular for November birthdays. They can be worn by anyone who enjoys a vibrant and fiery yellow colour, though. Just like citrine and topaz, people born in December may wear these gemstones as well. People looking for a gift for someone with a June birthday might find that sunstones suit them perfectly as well.

How to wear a Sunstone Gemstone

For a single stone, wear it on its own or add more to create a larger pendant. Sunstones are delicate and elegant, so they look great when paired with other gemstones in an understated design. Mixing a small piece of Sunstone with white Topaz makes for a classic pairing that you can dress up or down depending on your outfit. A slightly bigger piece will give you more options when designing a stunning statement necklace, while something extra large would make for an interesting bracelet! Sunstones can also be added to your favourite earrings to give them new life! Whether you prefer silver or gold designs, earrings are always a great way to bring out Sunstone’s intense colours without overdoing it on any one element of your jewellery ensemble.

Buy Sunstone Gemstone at Pmkk Gems

Sunstone is a relatively hard gem, measuring between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The name derives from early specimens found on Sunstone Butte in Oregon. It has also been known as Oregon Sunstone or yellow beryl. The colour can vary quite dramatically depending on how it is cut and where it was mined. It forms part of the feldspar group of minerals; alongside Orthoclase, Albite, Labradorite ,sunstone, Aquamarine, Bumble Bee Jasper, and Andesine.


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