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Spinel Gemstone

Spinel stone is the alternative to ruby, sapphire and other popular gems in the market. It’s used in many jewellery items and has many positive qualities that can easily make it one of the most favourite gemstones to use among others.

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History of Spinels Stone

The spinel family is composed of a species known as spinel and also known as another name of corundum. This mineral is an opaque, black or brown variety of aluminium oxide (aluminium oxide), often coloured with chromium oxides. Today, spinels are usually found in shades of red or pink, but in their purest form, spinel is colourless. Pure spinel was first described by René Just Haüy in 1791 and it was given its name from spina meaning spine because its crystals were like a honeycomb when viewed through an optical instrument called a goniometer that can be used to measure angles on crystals and minerals at that time.

How to Care for a Spinel Stone

Clean your spinel with water and mild soap or detergent. Avoid harsh cleaning agents as they may stain your stone. After use, wipe down with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust that may have accumulated. Keep your spinel in a secure setting to avoid falls and scuffs that can damage its lustre or shape. Store it in a secure place when not in use, preferably somewhere dark where it will not be disturbed. Spinel is very durable but can chip or crack if dropped or scratched against hard surfaces so take care to be extra careful when storing and handling your spinel gemstone.

From Where Should I Buy Spinel Stone?

This is a common question asked by people who are looking to buy spinel stone online. The most commonly recommended method of buying spinel stone online is to use a website that specializes in selling gemstones. This will ensure that you get a great price, and avoid problems with knock-offs and fakes. PMKK Gems is one of these specialized websites, and their focus on spinel means they have access to both high-quality pieces, as well as cutters who can help you craft a piece from scratch.

How to Check Spinel Stone is real or not?

Real spinel stone will be very clean and also have a kind of lustre, which makes it shine and look very attractive. Real spinel stones are also very hard and durable; they are not easily breakable even after falling from a high height. The hardness of Spinel stone is known to be 8 on the Mohs scale, which is approximately equal to Corundum (9) and Diamond (10). Other characteristics include a black streak in powdered form, an intense red streak in FeCl3, no effect on polarized light. Real spinel has a relatively high value when compared to other gemstones of the same colour; therefore people often fake them with glass or plastic pieces. There are certain tests that you can use to identify real Spinel stones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

(Q.) Who should wear Spinel Stone?

(Ans.) Spinel stone can help eliminate negative energy and increase vitality in those that wear it. Those feeling stressed or having difficulty staying focused may find that wearing spinel can help them access their inner strength and stay on track. Spinel is also believed to have healing properties, which can aid in the treatment of physical ailments as well as emotional distress. In general, any individual looking to add more spiritual meaning and vitality to their life may benefit from wearing a spinel stone.

(Q.) What are the different types of Spinel Stone?

(Ans.) Several different types of spinel stone are available, each with its unique colour and energetic properties. The most commonly seen spinel stones are pink, red, purple, blue, green, and black. Pink spinel is said to have calming effects, while red spinel is believed to bring passion and creativity. Purple spinel is associated with spirituality, while blue has healing properties that help release blockages in the mind or body. Green spinel represents love and connection, while black has grounding energy that helps one stay rooted in the present moment. Other rarer colours, such as orange, yellow and white, also exist, but these are much less common than the other varieties mentioned above. Each type of spinel stone can offer unique benefits, so it’s best to choose the one that suits your needs.

(Q.) Why is spinel so expensive?

(Ans.) Spinel is an exceptionally rare gemstone, and its rarity makes it very valuable. It is only found in a few places, with the main sources being Afghanistan, Burma and Sri Lanka. Its unique colour can also be difficult to replicate or find naturally, which adds to its cost. Furthermore, because spinel is quite hard, it takes great skill to cut and polish it properly to create attractive jewellery pieces. All these factors contribute to the expensive price tag associated with spinel stone jewellery.

(Q.) What are the differences Between Spinel and Ruby?

(Ans.) Spinel and ruby are both gemstones that have a deep red colour, but they differ in their hardness and chemical composition. Ruby is harder than spinel and has a higher refractive index, contributing to its brilliance. Additionally, ruby is composed of corundum, while spinel contains magnesium aluminate. The distinctions between the two stones can be seen with magnification or through special equipment such as spectroscopes. In terms of appearance, rubies can also have other hues, such as pink or purple, whereas most spinels are rarely found in colours other than red. While there may be some confusion due to the colour similarities, it is easy to tell them apart upon closer inspection.

(Q.) What are the properties of spinel?

(Ans.) Spinel is a durable gemstone with a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale. It has excellent clarity and a vitreous lustre, adding to its shine and sparkle. Furthermore, spinel has strong refractive indices, meaning it can produce intense light flashes when viewed from different angles. This natural beauty and its durability make it a desirable choice for jewellery pieces meant to last for generations. Additionally, spinel is believed to have metaphysical healing properties, such as reducing stress and promoting concentration. It is also said to bring positive energy and help balance one’s emotions.

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