Blue Moonstone

Blue Moonstone is the stone of tranquillity, calming the emotions and stimulating inner peace. It reduces stress and anxiety, stabilizes mood swings, and improves sleep patterns. It can be used to enhance dreams and promote healing on an emotional level as well as a physical level. Blue Moonstone aligns all chakras, boosting intuition and creativity, while also improving focus and attention to detail when needed. Blue Moonstone fosters cooperation with others, making it useful for group endeavours, including mediation and brainstorming sessions.

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The ancient power of the Blue Moonstone.

The blue moonstone's energies include spiritual awakening, emotional healing, dreams and divination. Because of its high vibration, it brings a magical quality to any jewellery piece in which it is set. One of its prime uses is as a dream stone. Hold it during your waking hours and carry it to induce lucid dreaming at night. It can also assist with drawing good fortune and love into your life. Good for balancing yin-yang energies within one's self, encouraging energy flow in chakras and soothing those with emotional imbalances.

Why you should have a blue moonstone in your life?

The term Blue moonstone is derived from its gleaming and shining appearance. The reason for its radiating light is due to adularescence, which occurs when minerals like titanium dioxide are present in a stone. This causes interference of light waves and causes them to refract producing an iridescent glow. Moonstones are also sometimes known as bi-colour stones because they change colours when viewed from different angles, much like opals do. Their crystals contain small flashes of rainbow colours that resemble reflected moonlight hence their name. Blue moonstones bring harmony, peace and tranquillity into your life; they are very calming stones that assist in maintaining positive emotions even in stressful situations and boost self-confidence while boosting your creative energies.

Astrological Benefits of Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Blue Moonstone

Ceylon Blue Moonstone is a very soothing stone. It has an affinity with all of our emotions, giving us a very positive emotional outlook in life. People who are sensitive or highly strung, find Moonstone to be very beneficial and calming to them, by absorbing negativity and energy. On an emotional level, it brings unconditional love and compassion for one’s self and others. Physically it can help with inner ear problems as well as physical exhaustion and chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition to its metaphysical properties, Blue Moonstone is also one of The August Birthstones (Sardonyx) in many countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada and India.

Buy Blue Moonstone Online at Pmkk Gems

Many individuals may find moonstone to be a lovely gemstone. In some parts of India, blue moonstones are believed to possess magical powers; their presence is thought to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. Having a Blue Moonstone in your home also makes you feel peaceful and calm. The Blue Moonstones are considered to be a stone that enhances intuition, assists in dream recall, aids in emotional healing and deep inner work. This gem holds an especially powerful connection with women. Many women who have suffered from menstrual pain or childbirth complications claim that wearing blue moonstones helped alleviate these discomforts. It is also said that placing a piece of it under your pillow at night can assist you with overcoming insomnia and other sleeping disorders by helping you achieve higher levels of consciousness during sleep states. If you are planning to buy Blue Moonstone then Pmkk Gems Online store is the best option because Pmkk Gems provides the certified gemstone with COD and free shipping in India also shipping in the USA, UK, UAE, Singapore worldwide.

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Blue Moon Stone

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