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Emerald Gemstone (Panna Stone)

Emerald stone (also known as Panna stone in Sanskrit) is a deep green color and one of the enrapturing precious gemstones that belong to the beryl mineral family. It is one of the most robust gemstones with towering implications in the realms of astrology and jewelry. Since time immemorial, panna stone has elevated the allure of many dominant thrones, some of the most influential personalities in history, and contributed to changing the course of many lives.

Mercury planet is the ruler of natural emerald stone and embodies a lot of desirable virtues. Anyone who is suffering from the vicious and dreadful effects of the Mercury planet must embrace the natural Green Emerald stone to nullify Malefic effects and drive opulence, success, and prosperity in one’s life. In addition to that, an original Panna stone must be worn if an individual seeks to augment intellectual abilities, and desire to be ultra-successful in new ventures, and relationships. Natural Emerald gemstone is also known as Pachu stone or Markata stone.

Emerald Stone Jewelry

Natural emerald gemstone, the green scratchpad has fortunate excellence and is famous in gems. With a Mohs hardness of 7.5, these splendidly shaded beryl is ideally suited for adornments. Notwithstanding, because regular emeralds have numerous inside capacities that distinguish gemstones, these fragile stones ought to be utilized in a protected climate with insignificant openness to synthetic compounds and gentle cleansers..

Emerald Gemstone Origin

The striking lush green and alluring hues of green emerald stone can entice any gemstone lover at a glance. If we talk about the origin of the Panna stone, the unsurpassed quality emerald gemstone comes from the mines of Brazil. According to an estimate, Brazil is responsible for catering to more than 50% of the global requirement of emeralds. Mines of Colombia in South America is another noteworthy source of top-of-the-line quality natural emeralds with exceptional color and clarity. Apart from Brazil and South America, Russia, Pakistan, and India also have significant deposits of emerald gemstones.

Emerald Stone Quality

One of the prominent and integral members of the Beryl family, natural Panna stone or emerald stone is no exception when it comes to evaluating the quality of gemstones. The standard 4C method is used along with the combination of origin and treatment to evaluate the quality of any variant of real emerald stone. Let’s discuss each factor in depth one at a time.

Color: Color is by leaps and bounds the most crucial factor when evaluating the natural emerald stone quality. Par-excellent and the most coveted emeralds exhibit vivid, lush, and intense green hues with slightly bluish or yellowish as secondary hues. In a top-notch quality original Panna stone, the green color is evenly distributed throughout the stone without any noteworthy color zoning or patches. The more intense and uniform the dark green color in a Panna stone is, the more it contributes significantly to an emerald's value.

Clarity: Most natural green Emeralds often have minuscule inclusions which are their internal characteristics formed during their natural growth process. These inclusions are also known as Jardin, derived from the French word for "garden." The presence of inclusions in emerald gemstones is inevitable, however, their type, size, and location inside the gemstone affect the stone's clarity. Some of the best quality natural green emerald stones possess excellent transparency with minimal visible inclusions that do not significantly impact the overall beauty of the gem. However, Panna gemstones with eye-visible inclusions are neither revered nor high in price.

Cut: The cut of an emerald plays a quintessential role in maximizing its glitter, and brilliance and exhibiting its color in a perfect manner. While natural emerald stones are often cut in a rectangular or square shape with stepped facets known as the emerald cut, they can also be found in other shapes like oval, round, or pear. A well-cut emerald will exhibit proper proportions, good symmetry, and well-defined facets to enhance its color and brilliance.

Carat Weight: Like other gemstones, the weight of original emerald stones is also measured in the standard unit known as carats. However, the carat weight is proportional to the quality of an emerald only to an extent, but it does affect its value. Larger emeralds with vivid and intense colors are rare, and as a result, they tend to boast mind-bending prices per carat compared to smaller stones. However, it's quite essential to take into account other quality factors in conjunction with the carat weight when assessing the exact value of Panna stone.

Origin: Apart from the 4C factors, The origin of a green emerald gemstone can influence its value and desirability to a great extent. Historically, emeralds from certain regions have been the most revered and in-demand such as Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, and Afghanistan. Colombian emeralds, renowned for their deep green color, have long been considered some of the finest. However, it's important to note that each origin can produce a range of qualities, and individual stones should be evaluated based on their specific characteristics.

Treatment: Almost all natural emeralds are treated to amplify their clarity and color and make them market ready. Oil treatment is the mainstream and only method to minimize the appearance of inclusions and improve transparency in any real Panna stone. Such treatments are widely accepted and can be considered as long as they are disclosed in the certification. In general, emeralds with no treatment or minimal treatment are generally more valuable than heavily treated stones.

To evaluate an emerald stone's quality in a crystal clear manner, it's essential to consider a combination of factors, including color, clarity, cut, carat weight, origin, and treatment. Each of these elements contributes to the overall beauty, rarity, and value of an emerald. By understanding these factors, you can make an informed decision when purchasing or assessing the quality of an emerald, ensuring that you acquire a gemstone of exceptional beauty and lasting value.

Panna Stone Price

Natural emerald stone price or better say, Panna stone price is massively influenced by a set of crucial factors which include cut, color, carat weight, clarity, origin, and treatment. On average, the original panna stone price in India begins at 2,000 per carat and can go as high as 20,000 per carat. The per-carat Emerald stone price can vary to a great extent with the change in origin, color intensity, weight, and clarity of the stone.

Color: Color is one of the vital factors when it comes to determining the price of an original Panna stone. The ideal color for an Emerald is a vivid, intense green with a slightly bluish or yellowish undertone. Stones with a pure green hue and excellent saturation command higher prices. The presence of color zoning or patches can impact the value of the stone, as well as any undesirable undertones.

Clarity: Clarity refers to the presence or absence of inclusions within the Panna stone. Emeralds typically have some degree of inclusion, referred to as jardin. However, the size, number, and location of inclusions affect the clarity and subsequently the price. Stones with minimal visible inclusions, which do not significantly impact their beauty or durability, are considered higher in quality and command higher prices.

Cut and Shape: The cut and shape of a real Panna stone also play an imperative role in determining its overall price. Well-cut Emeralds exhibit proper proportions, excellent symmetry, and well-defined facets, enhancing the stone's brilliance and beauty. The traditional emerald cut, with its rectangular or square shape and stepped facets, is common. However, the rarity of other shapes such as oval, round, or pear can also impact the emerald stone price greatly.

Carat Weight: Carat weight refers to the size of the Panna stone and is an essential consideration in determining its price. Larger Emeralds are rarer, and as a result, they tend to be more valuable per carat. However, it's important to note that other quality factors, such as color and clarity, must be taken into account alongside carat weight to assess the overall value of the stone. The original panna stone price in India increases significantly with the increase in carat weight.

Origin: The origin of a Panna stone can significantly influence its price. Emeralds from certain regions are highly sought after and can command premium prices. Historically, Colombian Emeralds have been considered some of the finest due to their exceptional color. Other notable origins include Zambia, Brazil, and Afghanistan. It's important to note that the origin alone does not determine the quality, but it can impact the perceived value.

Treatment: Treatment is another pivotal factor that affects the original panna stone price in India. It's common for Emeralds to undergo treatment to enhance their clarity and color. Oil treatment, using colorless oils or resins, is a widely accepted practice to minimize the visibility of inclusions and enhance transparency. However, Emeralds with no or minimal treatment are generally more valuable than heavily treated stones.

Panna Stone Benefits

Panna, also widely acknowledged as the Emerald gemstone, has been hailed and revered since time immemorial for its enigmatic healing properties and gripping beauty. Beyond its timeless charm and irresistible aesthetic appeal, real Panna stone is widely believed by astrologers to possess umpteen spiritual, physical, and metaphysical benefits that can positively impact various aspects of one's life. In this section, we will explore the wide range of emerald stone benefits associated with this sumptuous stone.

Emotional and Mental Well-being: Panna stone is strongly linked with the planet Mercury which is the ruler of intelligence and intellectual abilities and is also considered a stone of emotional healing and harmony. It is supposed to have an immensely calming effect on the mind of the wearer and can aid in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. The green emerald is said to promote mental clarity, focus, and enhanced memory, making it beneficial for students, professionals, and individuals seeking mental balance.

Communication and Expression: Not many individuals know that emerald gemstone is vehemently connected with the throat chakra, the chakra or energy center related to communication and self-expression. Embracing the original panna stone can stimulate effective communication, both verbal and non-verbal, and induce articulation and self-confidence in your foible personality. It can also provide aid in expressing thoughts eloquently and feelings with utmost clarity, fostering better relationships, and enhancing social interactions.

Intellectual Growth and Creativity: Panna is associated with Mercury, the planet of intellect and creativity. It is believed to enhance analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and intellectual pursuits. The stone is said to stimulate creativity and innovation, making it a popular choice for artists, writers, and creative individuals seeking inspiration and originality.

Prosperity and Abundance: Panna is considered a gemstone of prosperity and abundance. It is believed to attract wealth, success, and opportunities. The stone is thought to strengthen financial stability and provide a favorable impact on business ventures. Wearing Panna or keeping it in a workspace or business premises is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity.

Healing and Vitality: Natural emerald green stone is associated with physical healing and rejuvenation. It is believed to have a positive influence on the nervous system, respiratory system, and eyesight. The stone is said to enhance overall vitality, strengthen immunity, and promote general well-being. Panna is also believed to have a detoxifying effect on the body, aiding in the elimination of toxins.

Spiritual Growth and Intuition: Panna gemstone is often acknowledged as a stone that accelerates spiritual growth and sharpens intuition power. It is believed to cleanse and activate the heart chakra, which develops and grows a stronger and deeper connection with oneself and others. The natural emerald green stone is said to heighten intuition, facilitate spiritual insight, and promote a sense of inner peace and balance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

(Q1). Is the emerald from Zambia or Colombia a superior choice for Vedic mending?

(Ans). Shading is key with regard to Vedic mending and crystal gazing. Colombian emeralds transmit a captivating turquoise, while Zambian emeralds will, in general, exemplify genuine snowcapped greens in dim tones now and again. Both Gemstone mines offer Emeralds of incredible quality and shading. Whenever you have picked an alluring tone, it is in every case best to counsel a celestial prophet.

(Q2). Is it conceivable to utilize oiled emeralds for the recuperating of the Vedas?

(Ans).Oil filling is a typical technique for emerald gemstones throughout the planet and is OK about crystal gazing. Nonetheless, this is restricted to normal child oils and no extra tones have been added. With regards to semi-extremely durable fillings like colourants and epoxies, they will in general be less important and ought to be kept away from. In Navratan, a believed outsider declaration contains every one of the subtleties you need to think about a Gemstone and uncovers the cycle. Continuously look at your gems with a crystal gazer for a precise interview.

(Q3). How would you realize that the value you are paying for emeralds stone is right and valid?

(Ans). Tight down respectable gems vendors. With ages of involvement, our straightforward tasks carry dependability and quality to each part. Regular emeralds that radiate unadulterated turquoise without hostile considerations can be valued between Rs 2,000 to Rs 20,000 for every carat, contingent upon their starting point. Continuously search for a testament and base it on the straightforwardness, size, shading, or price of the Emerald Stone.

(Q4). Which emerald gemstone incorporation body is alright?

(Ans). Emeralds have interior qualities, from cracks to feathers, and in some cases precious stone and stage incorporations. Normal incorporations are consistently present and acknowledged in the exchange to add character and character to the Emerald Gemstone. Harm or breakage of the emerald surface will in general decrease the nature of the jewel cut and ought to be kept away from.

How to Wear an Emerald Gemstone (Panna Stone)?

Colour: immersed from pale blue-green to the profound elevated green.

Fingers: worn on the little finger and gems contact the body (educating of the Vedas)

Neck: Wear as a pendant where adornments contact your body

Metal: yellow gold or white gold is an extraordinary blend with the delicate and novel shades of emeralds.

Constellation: Gemini and Virgo (Vedas), Cancer (West).

The emerald, one of the three most famous greats, sparkles for its tone. A striking decision, these jewels are well known with the present current, and contemporary couples and are prestigious for their recuperating impacts. The regular emerald that addresses the planet Mercury is an uncommon jewel that is mined in explicit regions of the planet, like Zambia and Colombia.

Luxuriously hued with cool green tones, emerald is likewise May's birthstone and is a valuable gemstone, hued with vanadium and chromium.