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Citrine Stone(Sunela)

Citrine Stones are the normal yellow to gold semi-valuable stones of the Quartz Minerals family. As indicated by Vedic crystal gazing, this jewel is utilized as a significant substitute for yellow sapphire (up Ratna) for abundance, great societal position, higher information, wellbeing, and bliss of relatives. It is likewise viewed as a substitute birthstone for November in Western crystal gazing.

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Who Should Wear Citrine Stones?

Hindu crystal gazing interfaces the citrine stone (Sunela Rashi ratan) with the monster planet "Jupiter". The utilization of good quality normal citrine stones will reinforce Jupiter in the client's horoscope, assisting one with procuring more noteworthy information, shrewdness, great monetary status, and expert achievement throughout everyday life.

  • In Vedic soothsaying, Sanraratan is endorsed for Danu (Sagittarius) and Mina (Pisces) Rashi.
  • Western soothsaying suggests a citrine birthstone for the indication of Sagittarius.
  • Citrine gemstones can likewise be worn on Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio.

How to Wear Citrine Gemstones?

  • Weight: Somewhere around 1/10 (kg) of the client's weight. for example. An individual gauging 60 kg can wear a 6 carat stone.
  • Color: Dazzling yellow and gold citrine stones are viewed as most appropriate for use in soothsaying. You can likewise consider normal yellowish-orange citrine gemstones without an undesirable earthy colored hint.
  • Metals: Silver and gold are the most liked. In any case, panchayat, platinum, and white gold will likewise outweigh everything else.
  • Finger: The forefinger of the specialist.
  • Day and Time: Thursday, during the Shukla Paksha period from 5 am to 7 am.

Citrine Stone Benefits:

For quite a long time, citrine gemstones have been known for their incredible mystical properties and recuperating capacities. Notwithstanding their interesting excellence and moderateness, the prophetic advantages of citrine gemstones additionally spellbind the wearer and make this gemstone considerably more attractive. The following are the absolute most significant advantages of citrine stones.

  • Improved Professionals and Economic Growth: Relating to the dream of intelligence and abundance, Sunela Stone advantages experts and entrepreneurs who experience extreme administrative misfortunes, pointless expenses, and speculation disappointments. It passes on solid mental capacities and self-assurance, assisting the client with managing monetary pressure.
  • Promote Higher Picking Up: According to antiquated convictions, the utilization of Sera stones emphatically affects the logical and mastering abilities of the client. Hence, this diamond is viewed as of incredible advantage to understudies, research experts, and people getting ready for government occupations or serious tests.
  • Regain Congruity Among Labor and Marriage: The positive energy of Snera Gemstone benefits individuals engaged with distressing connections. Hitched individuals who struggle to get their kids pregnant can likewise encounter the advantages of citrine yellow stones.


Shading, lucidity, cut, and the beginning is four critical determinants of value that ought to be painstakingly assessed when buying regular citrine gemstones on the web or from neighborhood providers. Prophetically clear, normal, unheated, and splendid goldstone is viewed as the best citrine gemstone.

  • Origin: Citrine quartz mines are found in numerous nations, including Bolivia, Russia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Brazil, and the United States. Of this large number of assortments of the beginning, Brazilian citrine stones have a decent standing because most citrine gemstones from Brazilian mines have brilliant shading and straightforwardness. Some great quality materials additionally come from the African mining district.
  • Color: Citrine free gemstones are showcased under extraordinary names, for example, "Lemon Quartz", "Lemon Citrine Stone", "Smoky Citrine Quartz" and "Lemon Green Citrine Stone". You can think that it is in shades of. ', Dark ruddy yellow' Madeira citrine stone 'and' Champagne citrine stone '. Without being entranced by extreme names, we generally suggest citrine stones of uniform consistency and a medium to marginally brilliant normal radiant yellow. Immersed. Stay away from earthy-colored hued citrine stones when utilized in crystal gazing.
  • Transparency: Citrine stones are delegated Type I straightforwardness gemstones. This implies that you can anticipate that your eyes should be practically spotless. Medium to inferior quality stones has regular considerations like negative gems, biphasic incorporations, fluid incorporations, and to some degree recuperated cracks. For celestial purposes, we generally urge purchasers to lean toward clear citrine gemstones with negligible apparent defects.
  • Cuts: Citrine stones can be found in an assortment of shapes (round, oval, emerald, square, trillion, pear, and so on) and cuts (princess cut, pad cut, round). The decision of slice is predominantly identified with magnificence and has nothing to do with the mysterious properties of pearls. In this way, you can encourage the purchaser to pick a shape that draws out the best tone and upgrades the general splendor.

Citrine Stone Price:

On a more extensive scale, quality, size, and beginning are the best three factors that affect the worth of citrine stones. Seeing these variables and the essential thought of what they mean for costs will assist purchasers with being more certain about their citrine gemstone buys.


Note: Currently costs for citrine stones in India range from Rs 125 for every carat to over Rs 400 for each carat. Costs for translucent focal points in different nations like the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom can change fundamentally because of contrasts in organic market cycles.



Q1). Which of the Thai yellow sapphires and citrine stones is a more successful option if you can't bear the cost of the valuable Sri Lankan yellow sapphires?

Ans1). In such cases, Thai yellow sapphire ought to be the best option. Citrine stones can be the following best visionary decision. This is because the elective citrine stone isn't by and large considered as successful as the regular yellow sapphire gemstone. General or citrine stones may likewise set aside some effort to show great outcomes in the wearer's life. Notwithstanding, those with financial plan limitations can get some alleviation by utilizing citrine stones according to a prophetic perspective.

Q2). What are the means to utilize citrine stones to amplify visionary outcomes? Is it as old as sapphire?

Ans). Yes! The most common way of wearing both yellow sapphire (Puklaji) and citrine stone (Sneragem) is something very similar. This is because the two gemstones are related to the planet Jupiter. For an itemized comprehension of the strategy, we suggest perusing the blog entry on the best way to wear yellow sapphire.

Q3). Where would I be able to purchase citrine stones?

Ans3). You should just purchase citrine stones from confided-in merchants and industry providers. Note that numerous traders sell warmed and handled citrine stones that are considered unacceptable for crystal-gazing use. Consequently, it is fitting to purchase citrine stones from notable and confided-in dealers who offer the favored research facility testament for normal gemstones (because there are phony labs as well!).

Q4). What is the worth of citrine stones?

Ans4). The worth of citrine gemstones relies upon many elements, including their shading, straightforwardness, cut, carat weight, and beginning. The most acclaimed citrine gemstones have a profound yellow shade and high straightforwardness. These pieces generally cost around 400 rupees (about $ 6) per carat and are for the most part sourced from Brazilian mines. Light shades of citrine stone, like light yellow, by and large sell for a minimal expense of around Rs 200 (about $ 3) per carat.

Citrine (sunela)

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