Blood Blue Sapphire 5.70 Carat

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Additional Info
Weight In Caret 5.7000
Weight In Ratti 6.2500
Weight in grm 1.1400
COLOUR Purple Blue
ORIGIN Sri Lanka(Ceylon)
Benefits It improves our name, fame, health and wealth.
Quality Excellent
Shape Cushion Mixed
Mantra "ॐ शं शनिचराय नमः (Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah)”
SIZE 11.33 X 9.20 X 4.95 MM
TREATMENT Unheated And Untreated

Wearing Khooni Neelam stone is said to give the wearer courage, strength and confidence. It is also said to bring good luck and fortune. Blood Blue Sapphire is an excellent stone for those who are looking to increase their strength, power and virility. It is also said to be very helpful for those who are seeking protection from their enemies. This stone is very effective for mental peace and stability. People who wear this gemstone feel relaxed, contented and their mind becomes stress-free. It is also helpful in treating psychological disorders like schizophrenia, hysteria etc. Wearing this gemstone helps to overcome depression and anxiety. It also helps to achieve clarity of thought and enhances memory power. 


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