Top 12 Gemstones for Happiness & Positive Energy

Since the advent of civilization, if there is one thing that human beings have chased with utmost desire and desperation – it is happiness. It’s more than daunting to define happiness in mere words as the definition changes from individual to individual. For some, happiness is accumulating heaps of wealth, while for others happiness is all about spreading benevolence, doing charity, and amping up the collective consciousness of the society.

There is no denying that happiness can be cultivated. However, one can also use external aid to boost the process of achieving coveted happiness. That’s where gemstones come into the picture. For eons, gemstones have been used by masses as well as influential personalities to attract numerous desired attributes and entities like good luck, strength, immunity, materialistic wealth, and whatnot. Similarly, gemstones for happiness can also be used to pull sheer and unconditional happiness to your corner without much of a hitch. 

In this all-inclusive, we have jotted down the best 12 gemstones for happiness and positive vibes that will pour down unimaginable frisk and relish in your life if worn correctly under the guidance of a prudent astrologer. Let’s go through all major gemstones for happiness one at a time.

Top Gemstones for Happiness & Positive Vibes

1. Lapis Lazuli

The radiant blue Lapis Lazuli gemstone is renowned for its bewitching beauty and mystical talents of honing mental skills and awakening creative faculties within. This ancient jewel tones the intuition, inviting profound insights to arise. Vesting its wearer in robes of tranquility, the Lapis Lazuli stone inspires feelings of contentment and spiritual wellness. Through its vibrant energies, the Lapis Lazuli builds the inner power and confidence to manifest positive transformations that usher in clear-sighted beginnings and instill oodles of happiness in your life.

2. Citrine Stone

Radiating a mesmerizing golden yellow hue reminiscent of the early days of the dawn of the summer season, Citrine stone embodies the vibrancy of lemon zest, urging you to embrace your most positive self and be happy for no reason.

This crystal is like a beacon of good mood, capturing the essence of positivity in its ripe and brilliant form. Often referred to as the “merchant’s stone,” Citrine is believed to bring an abundance of wealth, health, luck, and connect with the light of our inner child.  In moments when you find yourself running low on energy and hope, both physically and mentally, this gemstone is a luminous source of revitalization, providing a burst of happiness to uplift your spirits leaps and bounds and ensure to maintain the mirth levels.

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3. Amethyst

The stunning and striking purple amethyst gemstone is often associated with qualities like peace, serenity, and higher thinking. Its purple and lavender colors are seen as calming and soothing.

In times of change or challenge, people can experience anxiety, stress, and confusion. Amethyst can serve as a reminder to stay centered when facing uncertainty or things beyond one’s control. It is thought to soothe the body, soul, and mind, as well as provide intuitive clarity even in difficult periods.

Amethyst is sometimes believed to provide help in carrying heavy emotional or psychological burdens. It may be helpful for those coping with depression, grief, or high anxiety to turn to amethyst to find balance and equilibrium. The gemstone is thought to have a stabilizing, calming energy.

4. Turquoise

Turquoise, a captivating blue-green gem with gargantuan astrological significance, is renowned for its reputed capacity to enhance communication and foster understanding. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this stone is celebrated for its potential to evoke feelings of happiness, well-being, and peace that stay for a prolonged time.

Moreover, turquoise stone boasts healing properties, particularly in addressing emotional trauma by tapping into its vulnerability-affirming characteristics. This transformative stone guides individuals towards a heightened state of freedom and emotional well-being, and embrace all forms of happiness.

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5. Peridot

The peridot gemstone has a bright green color reminiscent of fresh limes. It has an upbeat, cheerful energy that can lighten one’s mood. Peridot is said to help instill optimism and contentment, alleviating negative emotions like jealousy, insecurity, and inner turmoil. It may assist in letting go of ego-driven patterns of behavior that impede happiness. 

This stone is believed to restore enthusiasm, vitality, and clarity where there is fatigue, lethargy or mental confusion. Some feel peridot helps banish persistent worries and self-criticism in order to enjoy simple pleasures in the present moment. The peridot purportedly facilitates deep relaxation and focus, providing emotional balance.

6. Garnet

The Garnet, characterized by its rich red hue, is believed to play a key role in fostering passion, love, and compassion. Recognized for its capacity to amplify positive energy and vibes, this stone is also associated with promoting feelings of happiness and inner joy.

Embracing Garnet stone in your daily life is an excellent way to invite the beneficial influence of this crystal into your routine.

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7. Moonstone

The moonstone is a feldspar mineral that displays an elegant sheen-like moonbeams shining across water. Its luminous blue, peach, gray, or white tones evoke tranquility and harmony. Throughout history, moonstones have been regarded as sacred stones in many cultures. They were believed to be intimately tied to the Moon and its cycles, attuning one to inner wisdom and intuition.

In crystal healing traditions, moonstones are revered for their versatile energetic properties. Practitioners use them to stimulate the heart chakra, promoting self-acceptance, nurturing emotions, and unconditional love towards others. They are thought to enhance mystical vision and synchronize one’s inherent rhythms with natural cycles. Meditating with moonstones is believed to awaken latent talents, channel artistic creativity, and revitalize the Divine Feminine.

8. Aventurine

In hues of shimmering pale greens and exuding soothing vibes, Green Aventurine is hailed as the fortunate charm stone. Possessing a blend of confidence, clarity, and exceptional balancing abilities, this crystal naturally assumes a leadership role.

An eternal optimist, the Green Aventurine stone has a way of instilling profound joy. Beyond boosting confidence and charm, it carries an innate innocence that resonates with the energy of the heart, unlocking it to embrace even the simplest pleasures. Delve deeper into the significance of Green Aventurine.

When faced with swift surges of anger and frustration, Green Aventurine serves as a calming force for a restless mind. Furthermore, it proves invaluable in bringing forth natural leadership skills, infusing the process with a sense of joy and fulfillment.

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9. Black Tourmaline

Joy can manifest in unexpected ways, not just brightly but also through darker shades. Black tourmaline exudes a raw yet regal energy, born of fire. This powerful stone deflects toxic vibes, EMFs, and negativity before they can reach you. Freed from these entanglements, quiet confidence emerges to simply feel without turmoil. Black tourmaline nurtures clarity and soul – vital components of happiness.

When motivation lags or life feels adrift, black tourmaline grounds, heals, protects, and reorients perspective toward thriving. Its darkness emanates light to kindle joy’s diverse flames.

10. Malachite

With its vivid green allure, Malachite is renowned for its transformative properties, acting as a catalyst for change. Beyond its captivating hue, this stone is celebrated for its capacity to amplify positive energy and cultivate an atmosphere of happiness and joy.

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11. Rose Quartz

With its gentle pink hue, rose quartz radiates unconditional love and inner peace. Embodying tenderness, it is a stone that nurtures the bonds between self and others. When self-doubt clouds our hearts, rose quartz illuminates our innate goodness to restore compassion for ourselves and those around us. By dissolving resentment, it allows affection to flow freely once more. Fastening to this energy cultivates happiness, harmony, and a sense of belonging. For those seeking a loving partnership or in need of self-acceptance, rose quartz paves the way for affection to soften our defenses and guide us home into the heart’s embrace. Its delicate magenta veins reveal that true love stems from within.

12. Sunstone

True to its name, Sunstone is believed to be a harbinger of good fortune and positivity. Recognized for its power to boost energy levels and induce feelings of happiness, this remarkable crystal is also adept at fostering spiritual energy and maintaining a positive attitude. The energy field generated by this exceptional crystal serves as a reservoir for sustained, long-term positivity and positive emotions.

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