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Cat's Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia Stone)

Cat’s eye stone, popularly known as Lehsunia stone in Vedic Astrology, is one of the most mystical, powerful, and highly prized precious gemstones best known for rectifying the dreadful effects of the Planet Ketu. Cat’s eye gemstone exhibits scintillating yellowish-green to honey-colored hues. Leshunisa gemstone also displays a rare and enigmatic phenomenon known as the ‘Chatoyancy effect’ in which an optical reflectance effect is seen which gives the impression of a cat’s eye on the surface of the stone.

Cat’s eye stone or Leshunia stone is also known as Vaidooryam stone or Ketu stone in Vedic Astrology as it is known to nullify the vicious effects of Ketu. Lehsunia has two prominent variants: Chrysoberyl cat’s eye and Quartz cat’s eye. 


How To Wear Cat's Eye Stone

According to Vedic astrology, the Lehsunia stone is strongly believed to suppress the ill effects of the planet Ketu and shower materialistic and spiritual benefits on the wearer. To elicit the most out of this highly prized gemstone, it’s essential to adhere to a standard wearing procedure to embrace a cat’s eye stone.

Color: Yellowish-green, honey color, Brownish-yellow.

Metal: Cat’s eye stone is primarily worn in gold, especially yellow gold hue.

Finger: Lehsunia stone is worn on the middle finger of the right hand. Make sure the gemstone touches the body.

Day & Time: This stone should be worn on Tuesday or Thursday morning of Purnima. Cat’s eye stone should be energized and purified first.

Zodiac: Pisces and Leo

Who Should Wear Lehsuniya Stone?

As the original cat’s eye stone is one of the most robust gemstones in existence, it should be worn only after consulting an experienced astrologer. There are two shadow planets in Vedic astrology: Rahu and Ketu. While Rahu is the head part, Ketu is the rest of the lower body. Those who want to amplify the strong position of Ketu in their horoscope must embrace the original cat’s eye stone or those who wish to dwindle the ill effects of the planet Ketu.


Cat's Eye Stone Benefits

Words will fall short to describe the jaw-dropping benefits of Lehsunia stone as this all-potent stone is renowned for augmenting all walks of life. Original Cat's eye stone, also known as Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye or quartz cat’s eye, is a gemstone that is valued for its dazzling and unique optical properties and is associated with rectifying vicious issues and providing heaps of benefits. Here are some of the commonly attributed benefits of cat's eye stone:

Rock Solid Protection: Cat's eye stone or Lehsunia gemstone is widely believed to possess potent protective properties and is said to guard the wearer against negative energies and psychic attacks. It creates an impregnable protective shield around the wearer that deflects negative influences and promotes a sense of serenity and security.

Sharpens Intuition and Perception: The original Lehsunia stone is strongly associated with sharpening intuition and broadening the perception of the wearer. It is also supposed to sharpen the wearer's sixth sense and help them make conscious decisions. This gemstone is often worn by individuals seeking to develop their psychic abilities by leaps and bounds and enhance their awareness.

Amass Fortune and Wealth: Original Cat's eye stone is competent enough to pull good fortune and heaps of wealth into a wearer’s life. By many prominent astrologers, It is considered a stone of luck and is said to bring financial stability and prosperity. Many people wear natural cat's eye gemstones with the intention of roping in lost fortune.

Healing and Emotional Balance: Cat's eye stone is also linked with promoting emotional balance and fastening the healing process. It is believed to cut down negative emotions, release stress, and enhance one's overall well-being. Some distinguished astrologers also claim that it provides excellent support in overcoming past traumas and help to forgive others.

Focus and Concentration: Natural Lehsnuia stone is widely acknowledged for escalating focus, concentration power, and bringing mental clarity. This gemstone makes decision-making processes expeditious and improves analytical and problem-solving abilities. Chrysoberyl cat’s eye stone is often embraced by students, professionals, and individuals seeking to excel in their respective fields by developing better cognitive abilities.

Unimaginable Spiritual Growth: Cat's eye stone is considered to be a great catalyst in speeding up spiritual growth and bringing a wearer closer to an enlightenment state. It is believed to open up channels of communication with higher realms and facilitate spiritual experiences. Many individuals use a cat's eye stone during meditation or spiritual practices to deepen their connection and expand their consciousness.

It's important to keep in mind that the benefits mentioned above are based on individual experiences, beliefs, and astrological perspectives on the original cat's eye stone. While many people find value and meaning in wearing this gemstone, individual experiences may vary. It's always a personal choice to believe in and explore the potential benefits of any gemstone.


Frequently Asked Questions:

(Q). Where can I get genuine Cat's Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia)?

(Ans). Pmkk Gems offer the best Cat's Eye Gemstones that are perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to their life. Our gemstones are cut and polished to perfection, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible product. If you're looking for a stunning and unique gemstone, look no further than Cat's Eye Gemstone (Lehsinia). This beautiful gemstone is perfect for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their jewellery collection.

(Q). Which variety of Cat's Eye is considered the best?

(Ans). There are many Cat's Eye gemstones, but the chrysoberyl variety is considered the best. It is one of the hardest gemstones, making it durable and long-lasting, and it also has a very high refractive index, meaning that it sparkles and catches the light beautifully. Cat's Eye gemstones are said to bring good luck and fortune to those who wear them, and the chrysoberyl variety is especially powerful. If you're looking for a special piece of jewellery that will bring you luck and add a touch of luxury to your life, then a chrysoberyl Cat's Eye is a perfect choice.

(Q). Who should wear Cat's Eye gemstone?

(Ans). If you're looking for a gemstone that can help protect you from the negative effects of Neptune (Ketu), then Cat's eye gemstone is a great option. This gemstone is said to be highly effective in removing the bad effects of Neptune, making it ideal for those anxious or stressed. Cat's eye gemstone is also said to help increase your intuition and psychic abilities, making it a great choice for anyone interested in developing their psychic skills.

(Q). Could Cat's eye stone be joined with different gemstones?

(Ans). Yes, Cat's Eye stone can be joined with different gemstones. It is a popular practice to join Cat's Eye with other gemstones to enhance its power of the Cat's Eye. Some of the most popular combinations include Cat's Eye with Ruby, Cat's Eye with Emerald and Cat's Eye with Diamond.

Cat's Eye Stone Quality

Cat’s eye gemstone is one of the most thumping and scintillating gemstones with a unique appearance and jolting properties and benefits. It is counted under the precious gemstone category and is renowned to display the chatoyancy effect which is a rare optical phenomenon. There are umpteen factors that play a crucial role in evaluating the quality of the original cat’s eye stone. Let’s discuss it all one at a time.

Color: For Lehsunia stone, color is of paramount importance in determining its quality. Cat’s eye gemstones with yellowish-green, brownish-green, and honey color hues are considered par excellent in quality. Hence, color variations apart from the above-stated colors depreciate the value of the cat’s eye.

Clarity: It is quite obvious to have natural inclusions in the cat’s eye stone. However, eye-visible inclusions in Lehsunia dwindle its quality. Moreover, a cat’s eye stone with striking luster and a spotless surface is valued more compared to those stones with blemishes.

Carat Weight: Apart from relevance in the domain of jewelry, the carat weight of the original cat’s eye stone doesn’t have much astrological significance. In addition to that, the increase in carat weight amplifies quality only up to a certain extent. As long as desired color hues are maintained with the increase in carat weight, the quality amps up.

Cat’s Eye Effect: Most cat’s eye stone exhibits a chatoyancy effect, however, intensity varies from stone to stone. The stronger the cat’s eye effect in a Vaidooryam stone, the better it's quality.

Cat's Eye Stone Price

The original cat’s eye stone price in India depends on a myriad of factors and the increment or decrement in each factor fluctuations Lehsunia stone price to a great extent. Apart from the origin, color, clarity, and carat weight,  cat’s eye effect in cat’s eye gemstones also influences their price significantly. 

On average, natural chrysoberyl’s cat’s eye stone price in India kick starts at 1000 INR per carat and can go as high as 15000-20000 INR per carat. The price can vary a bit from gem dealer to dealer. On the other hand, the quartz cat’s eye gemstone price begins at 200INR per carat and goes as high as 700INR per carat.

The stronger the yellowish-green hues in a chrysoberyl cat’s eye, the higher the Lehsunia stone price is. Moreover, the clearer the cat’s eye effect in a stone is, the more price a Lehsunia stone boasts.

The significant increase in carat weight in an original cat’s eye stone also shoots up its price. Chrysoberyl cat’s eye variety boasts the highest price of all with the average price per carat ranging between 5000/ct to 15000/ct which is staggering considering this gemstone is not a part of Big 4 club.

If we state the influence of origin in evaluating cat’s eye stone price, the Lehsunia stone of Indian and Sri Lankan origin are considered top-of-the-line quality and is high in demand among gemstone lovers. Moreover, be aware of gem dealers who sell quartz cat’s eye stones in the name of Chrysoberyl cat’s eye gemstones and charge unnecessary amounts from customers. Gem lab certification may increase buying price of Lehsunia stone a bit but it will be beneficial in the long run.