Alexandrite gemstone also known as “Magical Gemstone”. Alexandrite is highly recommended for the person who Born in June Month. Alexandrite Loose gemstone is an effective stone for the Mercury & Mars Planet and its also associate with Gemini and Aries Zodiac Due to Its Color-Changing Power. Alexandrite is Effective as like Emerald Gemstone. Alexandrite Prices is too high because Alex is very rare Gemstone. Alex Gemstone Described as Emerald and Ruby Gemstone Due To Its Color-Changing Power Alex Have Green & Bluish Green Color in Day Light and Its change its Color in light Red and Purplish at Night Light. Alexandrite Quality Depend on its different Color, Clarity and Color-Changing power.

How to wear Alexandrite

As indicated by Astrology, Alexandrite is worn in the little finger of the right hand. It is worn on Wednesday morning. Before wearing Alexandrite Mash it with fresh Cow milk and Honey. After this washed properly with Holy water. Repeat the mantra of “ऊँ बुं बुधाय नमः (Om Bum Budhaya Namah)” for 108 times and afterward wear this ring in your littlest finger.

Benefits of Alexandrite

  1. Alexandrite Loose gemstone Improve in Circulation Blood.
  2. Its helps in Purify of Blood.
  3. It improves our positive energy.
  4. Its Boosts our Imaginations.
  5. It helps to improve in our Creativity.


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