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Hessonite (Gomed Stone)

Gomed stone, also known as Hessonite or Gomedhikam gemstone, is one of the most stellar and significant semi-precious gemstones renowned for its attention-grabbing deep brown, golden-brown, or honey-colored hues and paramount astrological significance. This visually breathtaking gemstone is deeply connected with the terrific planet Rahu and is particularly worn to overcome the ill effects of this planet ‘Rahu Dosh’.

Hessonite stone is widely acknowledged for its remarkable healing benefits and showering success, immense wealth, global success, and fame in relevant fields on the wearer. Original gomed stone is principally found in Asian countries, especially India & Sri Lanka as Hessonite from these origins is unmatched in quality. Brazil and California also produce noteworthy quality natural gomed stones as gargantuan deposits of Hessonite are also prevailing there.

Hessonite Stone Quality

Gomed stone quality or the quality of Hessonite stone heavily depends on a plethora of standard factors that are used to evaluate the quality of almost all gemstones. The standard factors are color, cut, carat weight, clarity, origin, and treatment. Most natural gomed gemstones are untreated and have exceptional clarity along with intense deep brown and honey color hues. Low-quality Hessonite stones exhibit color zoning to a great extent and dwindle the quality as well as the price of natural gomed stone. Let’s discuss in depth each factor one at a time.

Origin: The origin of Hessonite gemstone plays a quintessential role in determining its quality precisely. Gomed stone of Indian and Sri Lankan origin are considered top-notch in quality and stays high in demand all the time in the international markets. Ceylon or Siloni Gomed are recognized as the most supreme quality Hessonite as color intensity and clarity is commendable. Hessonite stones with less luster and black hues as secondary tones are less valued.

Color: This factor single-handedly is responsible for influencing as well as determining the quality and value of original gomed stone to a great extent. Generally, hessonite gemstones with deep brown, golden-brown, and honey color hues are considered of supreme quality as well as used extensively to satiate varied purposes. When you plan to buy an original hessonite stone, always give major preference to honey color and deep-brown gomed gemstones with minimal color zoning.

Carat Weight: It’s a no-brainer that the higher the carat weight of a natural gomed stone, the more it is going to break your budget. However, after a certain carat weight, the quality begins to dwindle because of inclusions of secondary hues as it is daunting and rare to find intense brown and golden colors in a higher carat weight gomed stone.

Clarity: Original gomed gemstones with minimal and not visible-to-eye inclusions are unbeatable in quality and perhaps the most sought-after ones among the masses. The eye-visible inclusions in Hessontie stones are only acceptable if they are contributing to enhancing their brilliance and quality of them. Crystal clear appearance in a gomed stone is the most preferred one.

Cut: The cut of a gemstone contributes massively in augmenting its visual brilliance as well as the quality of the original gomed stone. As hessonite is a faceted stone, a well-cut gomed stone by a dexterous lapidary gives a major boost to its overall quality as well as value. Different types of cuts like oval, cushion, octagonal, or round reflect light differently and exhibit varied brilliance. The cut type emanating maximum brilliance enhances the quality of the original gomed stone the most.


Gomed Stone Price

The Gomed stone price can vary depending on some factors, including the quality of the stone and the current market conditions. Generally speaking, original Gomed stone prices are costly and typically priced in the range of $500 to $1500 per carat. That said, Gomed stones are still relatively affordable compared to other precious stones, such as diamonds. If you are interested in purchasing a Gomed stone, it is essential to do your research and shop around to ensure you are getting the best possible price.

Weight: The biggest gomed stones are the costliest ones. However, after a certain extent,  the quality doesn't change with the increase in carat weight of the hessonite stone, the increment in carat weight will push the cost of Hessonite stones further north. Likewise, the cost of a great, amazing god can increment drastically.

Clarity: The area, amount, and nature of inclusions influence the price of gomed stone greatly. Clear and straightforward Hessonite stone boasts a massive price than other Hessonites with eye visible inclusions. The gomed stone price per carat with minimal inclusions can make a dent in your pocket.

Origin: Although bountiful in Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America, hessonite stone price of Sri Lanka origin is the highest of all origins. Ceylon Gomedstone's cost is quite often higher than in different districts. African elastic or Indian elastic is very modest because of its high substance.

Treatment: A hotness or shading treatment is completed to expand the worth of the jewels on the lookout. Untreated elastic is regularly more significant and celestially powerful than misleadingly supported gemstones.

Cut: Gems are sliced to further develop a style. On the off chance that the quality and size are equivalent, the cost of faceted cut Gomed is normally higher than that of round hessonite or cabochon because of the misuse of stones that are produced simultaneously.

The Gomed Stone, also known as the Hessonite or Gomedhikam stone, is a powerful and popular gemstone used in Vedic astrology. The Gomed Stone is known to help combat black magic, evil spirits, and negativity. It is also believed to help improve mental health and bring good fortune. The Gomed Stone is typically worn as a gomed ring or pendant and is usually set in gold or silver.

Benefits of Hessonite Gemstones (Gomed Stone):

In the enigmatic and thrilling realm of Vedic astrology, Hessonite stones hold paramount significance as they are believed to possess divine energies that can influence various aspects of our lives. As per Vedic astrology, Gomed is vehemently associated with the planet Rahu and is renowned for offering umpteen astounding benefits to the wearer. In this section, we will explore all the major Gomed stone benefits according to Vedic astrology and its impact on various facets of life.

Balancing the Malefic Influence of Rahu: Rahu, also acknowledged as the north node of the Moon, is considered a shadowy planet (Chhaya Grah) in Vedic astrology. It is often associated with ambition, desires, and materialistic pursuits. However, Rahu's strong influence can sometimes be malefic, causing unimaginable obstacles and disturbances in life. Hessonite gemstone is believed to pacify Rahu's negative effects, bringing stability, focus, and clarity of thought.

Enhancing Mental Abilities and Concentration: Hessonite stone is renowned for its ability to sharpen intellect and enhance mental abilities by leaps and bounds. It is widely believed to improve focus, and concentration power, and give a boost to memory by cutting down the sources of distraction. Individuals who wear the original Gomed stone may experience a drastic upsurge in decision-making skills, increased analytical thinking, and a sharper memory.

Stimulating Career Growth and Financial Prosperity: As Rahu is associated with material wealth and success, wearing Gomed is believed to bring financial prosperity and career growth. It is said to attract opportunities, favoring individuals in business, politics, and other professions. Gomed is also considered beneficial for individuals seeking recognition, promotion, and success in their endeavors.

Addressing Health Issues: Gomed stone is strongly believed to possess uncanny and jaw-dropping therapeutic properties and is associated with the healing of various health issues. It is particularly known for its positive effects on ailments related to the nervous system, blood disorders, allergies, and skin diseases. Wearing an original Hessonite stone is said to provide instant and immense relief from insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.

Strengthening Relationships and Emotional Well-being: Gomed stone is said to have a formidable and positive impact on personal relationships and emotional well-being. It is believed to promote harmony, understanding, and compassion in relationships. The stone is said to assist in resolving conflicts, fostering trust, and nurturing love and loyalty. Gomed is also associated with emotional stability, helping individuals overcome negative emotions and traumas.

Protection from Evil Energies and Spiritual Growth: Hessonite is considered a protective stone that shields the wearer from negative energies, psychic attacks, and evil spirits by foes. It acts as a spiritual guide as well as an unbreakable shield assisting individuals on their spiritual journey and keeping them on the right track. Not many people know that the Gomed stone is also associated with the awakening of Kundalini energy and the activation of the Sahasrara (crown) chakra, facilitating spiritual growth and higher consciousness by connecting the individual to the divine.

Bringing Balance to Solar Plexus Chakra: According to Vedic astrology, Gomed stone resonates vehemently with the Solar Plexus also called (Manipura) chakra. This energy center is responsible for boosting self-confidence, consolidating personal power, and strengthening willpower. Wearing Hessonite stone is widely believed to cleanse, balance and strengthen the Solar Plexus chakra which ultimately promotes self-assurance, courage, and motivation.

Gomed stone, which exemplifies the Rahu stone, is a gemstone of great significance in Vedic astrology. From balancing the malefic influence of Rahu to ramping up mental abilities, stimulating career growth, and promoting emotional well-being, Gomed is also believed to offer a wide range of benefits related to emotional, spiritual, and metaphysical domains. However, it is important to note that gemstones should be chosen and worn under the guidance of an experienced astrologer or gemstone consultant to ensure maximum effectiveness.



FAQs About Hessonite (Gomed) Stone

(Q1). For what reason do Gomed costs vary such a huge amount on the Pmkk Gems site?

(Ans). Gomed(Hessonite) is known as Rahu Stone since it is utilized to defeat the adverse consequences of Rahu Dasha. To accomplish this, crystal gazers suggest that individuals wear great quality elastic rings or give them to the waterway. Hence, individuals frequently pick lower quality Hessonite than purchasing Ceylon Gomed, which is great for the best celestial outcomes. At Pmkk Gems, you can purchase Hessonite online from Sri Lanka's immense Gomed assortment and other reasonable Gomed assortments.

(Q2). For what reason is Imperial Garnet recorded with Hessonite in Pmkk Gems?

(Ans).Magnificent Garnet or Brown Garnet is a Hessonite swap for the people who can't manage the cost of the first Ceylon Gomed. The two stones are utilized for a similar visionary reason and are recorded together on the site for your benefit. Notwithstanding, realize that the elective supreme garnet is less viable and tedious contrasted with the suggested Sironigo Med gemstone.

(Q3). Would I be able to utilize Hessonite on Raf Dasha?

(Ans). The Hessonite gemstone addresses the Vedic mysterious planet Rahu, a pernicious planet. A solid, amazing Rahu yet in a pessimistic position creates turmoil and disturbance in individuals' lives, causing monetary misfortunes and scholarly or moral insolvencies. Utilizing Gomedicum during the Mahadasha of Rahu assists the locals with beating these challenges. Consequently, it is prudent to utilize Hessonite in Raf Dasha. In any case, an exhaustive meeting on natal outlines and must realize who can utilize elastic stones. Advantage from the free discussion from Pmkk Gems's accomplished celestial prophets to see whether Gomed is ideal for you.

(Q4). What is the best nature of Hessonite for celestial purposes?

(Ans). Gomed(Hessonite) is dim, straightforward and exclusions are ideally suited for visionary purposes. Sri Lanka or Cinnamon Gomed is the most famous assortment for its superb visionary outcomes.

(Q4). To which finger is the heavenly stone appended?

(Ans). Consider the technique of utilizing Gomed. Utilizing time, metal, reciting mantras, or puja energy supplies are immeasurably significant enough to follow cautiously. For better and quicker results, you should wear a silver Hessonite ring on your suggested fingers after talking with an expert soothsayer.

Who Should Wear Hessonite?

Hessonite (Gomed stone in Hindi) is a significant celestial gemstone since it is related to the planet Rahu. It is unequivocally suggested for use by the people who have gotten Rahu Mahadasha in the birth graph, as displayed underneath.

Hessonite stone is a powerful gemstone that can benefit the wearer. However, it is only suitable for some.

Here are a few things to consider before wearing Hessonite:

  • Hessonite can be a mighty stone, so you must be sure that you are ready to handle the energy it brings.
  • Hessonite stone can be helpful for people who are struggling with anxiety or stress. This stone may not suit you if you are uncomfortable with intense emotions.
  • Hessonite can also be helpful for people who are dealing with difficult life circumstances. This stone may not suit you if you are not ready to face your challenges.
  • Finally, it is essential to consult a knowledgeable gemstone expert before wearing Hessonite. This will ensure that you are choosing the suitable stone for your needs.

Hindu crystal gazing or Vedic soothsaying recommends Hessonite stones to Kumbrush.
Western crystal gazing allows a birthstone to Gemini.
Hessonite gemstones are likewise appropriate for Libra and Taurus

How to Wear Gomed Stone?

Carat Weight: 1/10 of body weight. for example. An individual gauging 60 kg can convey a 6-carat stone.

Color: Reddish orange or dim honey is great for prophetic purposes.

Metal: Best wore with a silver ring.

Fingers: it is prudent to counsel an expert celestial prophet to discover which finger is best for you.

Day and Time: Saturday, early morning from 5 to 7 AM.

There are a few things to remember when wearing a good stone. First, choosing the suitable size stone for your finger is essential. The stone should be comfortable to wear and should not be too loose or too tight. Second, you should avoid wearing the stone in water, as this could cause it to lose its color. Third, you should clean the stone regularly with a soft cloth to keep it looking its best. Finally, avoiding wearing the stone during strenuous activity is best, as this could damage the stone. The most popular way is to use it as a jewelry piece, such as a pendant or gomed ring. You can also carry it in your pocket, purse, or bag. Gomed gemstones can also be placed in your home, office, or anywhere else you would like to benefit from their healing energies.