Who Can Wear Ruby Stone

who should wear ruby

It is next to impossible to not fall deeply and badly in love with the timeless beauty and charm of ruby gemstone. Hailed and revered for its deep red hues and astronomical value, a natural ruby stone also serves a myriad of astrological benefits to the wearer as well as ramps up the elegance of … Read more

Panna Stone Benefits for Astrology, Love, & Marriage

Panna stone benefits

Emerald, also widely acknowledged as panna stone in India, is one of the most robust, revered, and scintillating gemstones in existence with off-the-chart popularity and heaps of benefits. It is one of the most prominent varieties of Beryl Mineral (Be3Al2(SiO3)6) and generally exhibits lush green to pale green hues because of the increment or decrement … Read more

Blue Sapphire vs Emerald

Blue Sapphire vs emerald

When it comes to magnificent jewels, blue sapphire and emerald stand out as two of the most opulent possibilities. Blue sapphire is an enticing blue tint that ranges from light and airy to deep and powerful navy. This valuable stone is a corundum type made up of aluminium oxide and trace elements such as iron, … Read more

Light Blue Sapphire vs Dark Blue Sapphire

Light Blue Sapphire vs Dark Blue Sapphire

Different pastel blue hues are available in blue sapphires, one of which is a very light shade called “Light Blue,” often referred to as “Silver Blue” or “Sky Blue.” The “Medium Blue,” also known as “Ceylon Blue” or “Water Blue,” has a brighter, medium blue tone and is characterised by high brightness and luminosity in … Read more