Top Pink Sapphire Benefits & Healing Properties

Pink Sapphire Benefits & Healing Properties

In the intriguing and vivacious world of gemstones, sapphires are in a league of their own. Sapphires are some of the most beloved and precious gemstones with immeasurable astrological significance and value. Sapphires come in a myriad of colors, shapes, and sizes, and from different origins.  Out of all the colorful varieties of sapphires, pink … Read more

Famous Celebrities Who Wear Blue Sapphire

Celebrities Who Wear Blue Sapphire

The significance and use of gemstones have grown exponentially in the last few decades. The major credits should be given to gemologists and astrologers who tirelessly and relentlessly to research and unveil different aspects and implications of gemstones in different industry verticals and umpteen aspects of life.  Such is the influence of gemstones that not … Read more

Ruby vs Red Coral: A Handy Comparison Guide

Ruby vs Red Coral comparison

Ruby and red coral are two of the most sought-after, vibrant, and distinct gemstones that captivate gemstone enthusiasts with their unique allure, astrological significance and rich histories. Ruby, a widely celebrated precious gemstone is a variety of the mineral corundum renowned for its vibrant red hues. Symbolizing passion and vitality, rubies have adorned royalty and … Read more

Yellow Sapphire vs Yellow Topaz: Key Differences

Yellow Sapphire vs Yellow Topaz

Comparing two goliath gemstones of similar hues and properties has always enticed gemstone enthusiasts and gemologists. Making a meticulous and in-depth comparison of two popular gemstones not only unveils jaw-dropping facts but also helps the masses to choose the best gemstones among two that cater to their needs perfectly. In the realm of gemstones, yellow … Read more

Zodiacal Gemstones: List of Gemstones Based on Zodiac Signs

gemstones based on zodiac signs

Gemstones are not some random colorful stones that are mainly used for donning and investment purposes. Most gemstones hold astrological significance and are vehemently associated with a particular Zodiac sign. The relation between gemstones and the astrology domain is quite archaic. Since time immemorial, people from different civilizations have been embracing gemstones to satiate varied … Read more

Opal vs Pearl: Major Differences & Comparison

Opal vs Pearl: Major Differences & Comparison

Opals and pearls are two of the most mesmerizing and sought-after gems that have enchanted gemstone enthusiasts and astrologers sinc time immemorial. These alluring gemstones stand as distinct wonders of nature, each captivating the eye with its unique luster and mystical allure. Opals, with their iridescent play of colors, have long been revered for their … Read more

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Properly

How To Wear Amethyst Stone Properly

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that amethyst gemstone is the apple of the eyes of most gemstone enthusiasts. The striking and scintillating purple hues of amethyst gemstone can entice anyone in one glance. This alluring gemstone is one of the top choices when it comes to embracing a gemstone in affordable and expensive jewelry … Read more

How To Tell If A Pearl Is Real?

different ways to tell if a pearl stone is real

Pearls have been enchanting generations of women and gemstone lovers for eons. The timeless charm and allure of pearls make them one of the most beloved and sought-after gemstones. The natural pearls are scarce in nature as they are produced in the living Mollusk and in limited quantity. This is the key reason why pearls … Read more

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