Best Rudrakshas For Physical & Mental Health Problems

Rudrakshas For Physical & Mental Health Problems

In the quest for holistic well-being, many are turning to ancient practices and natural remedies. One such revered treasure is the Rudraksha, a seed traditionally used in Hinduism and Buddhism for spiritual and medicinal purposes. These mystical beads are more than just decorative items; they are believed to possess powerful healing properties that can address … Read more

How To Identify Fake Gemstones from Real Ones

how to identify fake gemstones

In an age where dazzling gemstones can be found adorning everything from engagement rings to high-end watches, the ability to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit (synthetic or imitation) stones has never been more crucial than ever. The market is flooded with synthetic, treated, and imitation gemstones that are often indistinguishable from their authentic counterparts to … Read more

Types of Pearls:  The Handy Guide

Types of Pearls

Pearls, often referred to as the “Queen of Gems,” have captivated humanity for centuries with their ethereal beauty and timeless elegance. These lustrous treasures, formed within the depths of mollusks, are as diverse as the oceans they come from. Whether adorning the necks of royalty or gracing contemporary jewelry collections, pearls are celebrated not only … Read more

Lab Grown Sapphires : The Handy Guide

Lab Grown Sapphires

Among all scintillating and highly-prized gemstones, sapphires have always been at the top of the demand chart because of their timeless allure, skyrocketing value, and heaps of astrological benefits they offer. It sounds harsh but the truth is not everyone can afford the original neelam stone as some of the finest real blue sapphires can … Read more

Top 10 Gemstones to Reduce Overthinking

Gemstones to Reduce Overthinking

The lifestyle of human beings has become more intricate and hectic than ever. In the quest to achieve life-long dreams and make a dent in the universe, we get caught in the cycle of endless desperation and overthinking. And trust us, overthinking is a kind of goliath that seems puny but eats you slowly and … Read more

Best Gemstones to Improve Patience & Tolerance

Gemstones to Improve Patience & Tolerance

Anyone who has achieved anything significant and laud-worthy in life is by sticking to virtues like perseverance, dedication, and patience. Your bone-crunching hard work and years of sacrifices pay well when you patiently keep doing what you are good at and what you are focused on. Patience is neither an innate attribute nor one can … Read more

Common Mistakes People Make When Wearing & Handling Gemstones

Mistakes People Make When Wearing & Handling Gemstones

Gemstones are some of the most valuable entities revered and embraced by humans since time immemorial. Gemstones encapsulate life-transforming and sacred vibes that humans wish to harness to influence different aspects of life like financial, personal, professional, and marital. To elongate the longevity and effectiveness of a gemstone, it should be handled and worn with … Read more

Single Source Gemstones: A Comprehensive Guide

Single Source Gemstones

Gemstones are one of the few prevailing entities on this planet that need no introduction. Anyone who has even heard a little about gemstones knows well how formidable, sacred, and alluring these entities are. Gemstones are distinctive, astrologically significant, and play a quintessential role in augmenting the beauty and charm of fine pieces of jewelry.  … Read more

Pearl vs Moonstone: Which One To Pick Up?

Pearl vs Moonstone

When it comes to selecting the perfect gemstone with striking luster and unparalleled beauty, the choice between pearl and moonstone can be as captivating and daunting as the gems themselves. Both gemstones are revered for their timeless beauty and unique qualities, these stones carry distinct histories and symbolism. Pearls, often associated with the moon and … Read more