We supply superior quality gemstones which are chosen by our experts who understand the industry standards. In this category, we supply Indian gemstone exclusively on wholesale prices. As wholesale gemstone dealers in Jaipur, we source the stones from the utmost collection and deliver to you products that are acclaimed internationally. To offer this wholesale variety we have to purchase these stones in a bulk amount. To ensure that we deliver the best gems first the gems are sent to the gemmology labs for checking their originality. After loose stone passes the test by the gemmologist test, they are sold.

Also, we prefer to show to the stone in the true light. Each image of the stone is reasonable; this implies the delivered products will look like its images. Yet, viewing the gem in the daylight can have a completely different experience. For jewellery professionals a steady supply of gemstone and other materials to manufacture their products is important. Wholesale gemstone dealers in Jaipur can easily fulfil the requirement of gems in large amount. The workforce, effort and care received by several loose gems are much more compared to a retail amount.

We offer yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, emerald, hessonite, ruby and coral gemstone in this category. You might be a jeweller, collector etc. the stone is ideal for people who want to purchase stones at comprehensive rates. The prices range approximately between Rs.11, 000 to Rs.19, 000. It differs according to the weight of which lies between 58 carats to 102 carats.

Rashi Ratan Jaipur has its own warehouse for facilitating the orders promptly. Being one of the leading wholesale of gems in Jaipur, we have sold our products to a number of retailers, exporters and jewellers. Our reach is not only limited to India but also to the people all over the world. We keep the latest trends in mind to provide the best cuts in our stone range. The team of experienced craftsman work on every single gem until it gets the maximum level of perfection. Our brand will certainly meet all your expectations.