Tiger Eye Stone 23.81 Carat

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Additional Info
Weight In Caret 23.8100
Weight In Ratti 26.1200
Weight in grm 4.7600
Benefits Tiger's eye is used for protection and gaining courage, strength, stamina and success.
Quality Excellent
Shape Oval Cabochon
Mantra ”Om gram grim graum sah gurave namah”
SIZE 22.68 X 19.22 X 6.36 MM
TREATMENT Unheated And Untreated

Tiger eye stone is a beautiful variety of chalcedony. In fact, it derives its name from tigers and cats who seem to reflect in its polished surface. This unique gemstone is composed of quartz and ranges in colour from orange to red with golden shimmering spots throughout. Tiger’s eye stone is abundant in Uruguay, Brazil, Madagascar and South Africa. Not only is it prized for its captivating appearance but the tiger’s eye stone was also once used as traditional medicine by ancient doctors. Today, fashion designers and jewellers are attracted to the tiger’s eye because of its beauty as well as how easy it is to work with various types of jewellery like bracelets, necklaces and earrings.  Tiger's eye is used for protection and gaining courage, strength, stamina and success. Carry tiger's eye to remove the fear of failure or situations involving competition. Use the tiger's eye as a travelling stone to help provide energy while you're on the go. Tiger's eye can also be placed at work to deflect gossiping, backstabbing and promote professional advancement. Physically, tiger's eye has been used as an aid for cataracts, glaucoma and night blindness; helps relieve rheumatism, arthritis and sciatica; helps prevent nightmares; eases high blood pressure; gives relief from sunburns or heat stroke; encourages flexibility in muscles and joints.


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