Star Ruby Gemstone


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Additional Info
Weight In Caret 3.0000
Weight In Ratti 3.5100
Weight in grm 0.0000
Benefits Improvement in Name, Fame, Devoutness ,energy,morality,wealth
Quality Excellent
Shape Oval
Mantra No
TREATMENT Unheated And Untreated

A star ruby is a type of gemstone that displays a six-rayed star when light is shone onto it. It is a type of corundum, which is the same mineral as sapphire, and is typically a deep red color. Star rubies are quite rare and valuable, and are prized for their unique beauty and rarity. They are believed to bring good luck to their owners, and are often set in jewelry or displayed as collectibles. Star rubies can be found in many different countries around the world, but the finest specimens come from Myanmar (Burma). Star rubies are a great choice for those looking for a unique and special gemstone.

Benefits :

Star rubies are a type of ruby with a unique star-like pattern caused by the presence of tiny inclusions of Rutile, a mineral composed of titanium dioxide. This star pattern is referred to as asterism, and it is one of the most sought-after features in rubies. In addition to their beauty, star rubies also have several other benefits. First, star rubies tend to be more valuable than regular rubies due to their rarity. As a result, they can make a great investment. Second, star rubies are believed to bring good luck and protection to their owners. This has made them popular talismans and symbols of strength throughout history. Finally, Star ruby is known for their healing properties, and are thought to bring clarity and peace of mind to those who wear them. For all these reasons, star rubies have been prized by jewelers and collectors for centuries. Whether it's for their beauty, luck-bringing properties, or healing powers, star rubies have a lot to offer.

Methods of Wearing :

Ruby gemstone should either be set in gold or bronze. You can wear ruby in Ring, bracelet or in a pendants. Before wearing ruby, it should be washed with fresh milk or Ganga Jal in the Sunday morning and repeat 108 Rudra Mala "Om Suryaye Namah". For best result please consult with astrologer.


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