Pink Spinel 3.00 carat

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Additional Info
Weight In Caret 3.0000
Weight In Ratti 3.2300
Weight in grm 0.5800
ORIGIN Burma(Natural)
Benefits Attracts wealth, Prosperity & Luck
Quality Excellent
Shape Cushion
Mantra No
CERTIFICATION Free Lab Certificate
TREATMENT Unheated And Untreated

Spinel is a precious gemstone with deep red hues and an intense sparkle. It is one of the hardest minerals on the Mohs scale, making it highly durable and resistant to scratches. Spinel stone is often used in jewellery pieces due to its beauty, but it has also been valued for its spiritual properties. This stone has long been thought to bring positive energy and help balance emotions, as well as reduce stress and increase concentration. Wearing spinel can be an excellent way to access inner strength and stay focused on goals. With its rarity and variety of colors, spinel is truly a stunning gemstone that will add meaning to any collection.


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