Natural Iolite Stone 8.06 carat

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Weight In Caret 8.0600
Weight In Ratti 8.8400
Weight in grm 1.6100
Benefits Achievement in competition, trade and business promotion , intellectual power.
Quality Excellent
Shape Oval Mixed
Mantra ““"Om Sham Shanicharaye Namah"””
SIZE 15.08 X 11.69 X 5.92 MM
TREATMENT Unheated And Untreated

Iolite is a transparent gem-quality like a crisp, dark winter sky, Iolite, in shifting shades of violet-blue. Thin slices of iolite uses as filters to help to locate the sun on cloudy days. Iolite gemstone is also known as kaka neeli.

It is both a third eye chakra and a throat chakra stone, and Iolite will aid you to open the third eye and utilize its abilities. Iolite Gemstone helps in recovering balance, and is recommended for those who suffering from disorientation, lack of motivation, chronic disorganization, and distraction.

The name iolite comes from the Greek 'ion', which means violet. It is mined in India, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Brazil. With its attractive colour and reasonable price, it may be used in a jewellery.

Iolite is Substituted of Blue Sapphire. Iolite Is best Astrological gemstone for Shatrun. The gemstone is best according to astrological. Iolite can vary in color from blue sapphire to violet-like blue and from light-blue to yellowish-gray but it is softer than sapphire.

How to Wear :

Should be worn in the middle & little finger of the right hand on Saturday or Wednesday. Before wearing it must be wash with fresh cow milk and rinse with ganga jal. Put the gemstone in front of your god. Worship gemstone in the way you worship a god. You should chant mantra "Om shram shreem shroum sah ketave namah" mantra must be chanted 108 times.

Benefits :
  1. Extra power of your imagination brings to your life.
  2. you have the ability to live the life of your dreams.
  3. This may help you to let go of the fear you may feel about out of body journeys.
  4. Iolite Gemstone balances the male/female energies so it helps to increase the relationship with family.
  5. It protect us from many type of daises.

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