Top 10 Gemstones for Investment Purpose for Long Term

Gemstones have long captivated humanity with their beauty, rarity, and enduring allure. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, gemstones have emerged as a unique and increasingly popular avenue for investment. As traditional investment options face market volatility and uncertainty, gemstones offer investors a tangible and portable asset with the potential for significant returns. 

In this blog, we delve into the world of gemstones for investment assets, exploring the factors that make certain gems valuable, the market dynamics driving their prices, and the considerations investors should bear in mind when venturing into this intriguing realm. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer looking to diversify your portfolio, understanding the intricacies of gemstones for investments can open doors to exciting opportunities and potentially lucrative returns.

Best Gemstones for Investment

Burma Ruby

While newly discovered Ruby mines have emerged in Africa and Asia, the most sought-after and exclusive Rubies originate from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. With their sporadic fiery red or true red hue, reminiscent of molten lava’s top layer, Burma Rubies stand out as the pinnacle of rarity and allure. These gems have long been regarded as premier investment assets, coveted for their association with the powerful Sun and believed benefits aligned with the wearer’s horoscope.

Authentic Burma Ruby stones remain in limited supply, perpetually driving their prices skyward. Acquiring one is akin to securing a high-value investment, comparable in worth to acquiring ten Burj Khalifas.

Kashmir Blue Sapphire

The alluring, deep blue Kashmir Sapphire holds legendary status among gem aficionados. Mined extensively in the 18th century from the now exhausted reserves of Kashmir, this rare gemstone posses an unparalleled saturated blue hue and smooth, silky luster. So scarce in supply that they make only occasional appearances at premiere collector events, the probability of unearthing new Kashmir Sapphires is sadly negligible.

As Saturn’s emissary, Blue Sapphire stone lore promotes the stone’s talents for focusing the ringed planet’s energies to manifest favor and fortune. For devotees of astrological gemstones, sporting a Blue Sapphire can act as a talisman for catalyzing one’s fate and amplifying cosmic goodwill. The precious few samples of authenticated Kashmir Sapphires remaining command astronomical valuations in auction houses and among exclusive gem investors. Their peerless beauty and extreme scarcity forever cements their status as the holy grail for serious Sapphire connoisseurs.

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Panjshir Emerald

Investing in Panjshir emerald gemstones can be an intriguing opportunity for those seeking alternative investments. Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan is renowned for producing some of the finest emeralds in the world, prized for their rich green color and exceptional clarity. Here are some points to consider when evaluating Panjshir emeralds as an investment:

Rarity: Panjshir emeralds are known for their rarity and quality. The limited geographic area where these gems are found adds to their exclusivity, potentially increasing their long-term value.

Quality: Panjshir emeralds are esteemed for their deep green color and minimal inclusions, making them highly desirable among gemstone collectors and investors.

Market Demand: The demand for high-quality emeralds, especially those from renowned sources like Panjshir Valley, has remained strong over the years. As with any investment, it’s crucial to assess the current market demand and trends.

Investment Potential: Like other gemstones, Panjshir emeralds can serve as a store of value and a hedge against economic uncertainty. However, it’s essential to recognize that the gemstone market can be less liquid compared to other investment assets like stocks or bonds.


Deep in the gemstone treasure troves of Brazil, Mozambique and Nigeria lies a vividly hued phenomenon that enraptures connoisseurs – the Paraiba Tourmaline. Originally unearthed in a Brazilian state sharing its luminous moniker, the Paraiba designation expanded to encompass all tourmalines emanating an equally energetic turquoise radiance. Its distinguishing blend of copper and manganese infusion must meet precise criteria to qualify for the prestigious Paraiba name, regardless of its geographic lineage.

While tourmalines materialize in the full spectrum of rainbow brilliance, the Paraiba variety represents the apex of investment-grade desirability. Flaunting bold saturation devoid of obscuring flaws in larger carat weights (5ct+) escalates their value exponentially. Yet even Paraiba Tourmalines as diminutive as one carat can yield exceptional sparkle for discerning collectors. For investors and jewelry artisans alike, the Paraiba Tourmaline captivates with its rare optic intensity in decadent azure hues – a mesmerizing glimmer from nature’s kaleidoscopic wonder.

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Named in honor of the Russian emperor Czar Alexander II, Alexandrite stone stands out as one of the world’s most prized gemstones. Renowned for its remarkable color-changing properties, Alexandrite captivates gemstone enthusiasts worldwide. Associated closely with the planet Mercury, this unique gem is believed to unlock intellectual abilities, dissolve creative barriers, and offer holistic healing benefits.

Alexandrite’s rarity contributes to its enduring allure, with its price consistently maintaining an upward trajectory. As an investment, Alexandrite holds significant value and promises profitability for investors, making it a coveted addition to any portfolio.

Padparadscha Sapphires

The uniquely stunning Padparadscha sapphires are treasured for their rare blend of pink and orange tones, creating a soothing, visually striking gem. With price ranges rivaling rubies and emeralds, these special sapphires have seen a recent surge in popularity after Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring put them in the spotlight. Highly valued by gemstone experts, Padparadscha sapphire radiates elegance, splendor and sensation with its one-of-a-kind color. Hailing from the expansive family of impressive gems, the Padparadscha glows with arresting beauty. For investors, this scarce stone presents potentially lucrative opportunities to acquire a genuinely dazzling asset. Though initially overlooked, the Padparadscha deserves appreciation for its distinctive grace.

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Tanzanites originate from a limited area in Tanzania, spanning just a few square kilometers. These gemstones boast a captivating deep blue hue, although most undergo heating processes to eliminate brown and violet tones before reaching the market. Despite their stunning appearance, the export of Tanzanites, particularly larger stones exceeding 5 carats, remains heavily regulated, making them highly sought after by investors.

Interestingly, unlike many gemstones, heating Tanzanites does not diminish their value; instead, it enhances their appeal. This unique characteristic sets Tanzanite apart in the gemstone market, adding to its allure as a valuable investment option.


Most people are unaware that diamonds occur naturally in a spectrum of hues beyond colorless white. However, at auction houses, these rare “fancy colored” diamonds frequently rank among the most valuable gems sold, with pink, orange and blue diamonds commanding prices in the millions. In fact, the current record holder for the priciest gem ever sold is the vivid Pink Star diamond, which fetched over $71 million at auction in 2017. 

For investors, colored diamonds of 0.5 carats and above represent an intriguing asset class and alternative to traditional clear diamonds. Though lesser known to the average consumer, fancy vivid diamonds with intense, saturated colors have captured the attention of collectors and investors seeking astonishing gems with resale value potential. Unlike white diamonds which are graded mainly on clarity and cut, colored diamonds are valued primarily for their depth of color. As striking examples of natural variation and beauty, these special diamonds occupy their own exceptional niche in the gem world.

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Derived from Latin, the name “aquamarine” translates to “sea water.” This gemstone is the blue variant of beryl, with emerald representing its green counterpart. Among aquamarines, the “Santa Maria” variety, named after its originating mine, is esteemed for its deep blue hue, signifying exceptional quality.

Additionally, there exists a designation known as “Santa Maria Africana” for stones sourced from a Mozambique mine, bearing striking resemblance to their Brazilian counterparts. The vivid blue coloration, highly prized in gemstones, is a rarity in naturally occurring stones and is often achieved through heat treatment in the gemstone trade.


Though often seen solely as beautiful adornments, natural pearl stones possess investment-grade value thanks to their scarcity and interest among collectors. Both saltwater pearls from oysters and freshwater pearls have seen steep value increases recently. South Sea pearls and Tahitian pearls reaching sizes over 14mm can fetch over $10,000 at auction. Even smaller, high quality pearl jewelry holds value well and tends to appreciate over decades. Beyond size, additional factors like luster, surface quality, matching and spheres further determine natural pearl value.

Cultured pearls, though less rare, reach investment levels too. Mikimoto and other top pearl farms produce round, lustrous specimens in limited quantities that accrue value in line with name brand recognition. Whether natural or cultured, flaws, blemishes and irregular shapes diminish resale prices. Properly assessing pearl quality factors takes expert knowledge. Gems like the La Peregrina and other famed historic pearls have sold for millions. While lacking the flash of diamonds, pearls’ enduring, subtle elegance appeals to collectors, making top specimens wise stores of value over the long-term. As with most alternative assets, evaluating pearl investment potential takes guidance from gem professionals familiar with latest market directions. But discerning investors open to learning may uncover lucrative opportunities within the pearl world’s countless unique treasures.

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