Who Should Not Wear Red Coral (Moonga)

There are only a minuscule number of gemstones that can match the raw beauty and potency of red coral gemstones. Best known for exhibiting lush red to reddish-orange hues, the significance and demand of a moonga stone is no less than precious gemstones like blue sapphire or emeralds in any way.

Though moonga gemstone is not as valuable as precious gemstones in terms of monetary value, its impact is unavoidable and prominent astrologers sing the songs of the glory of this highly revered gemstone. When a gemstone is as formidable as natural red coral, not everyone can wear it unless suggested by a proficient astrologer. The prime purpose of this blog post is to make all gemstone enthusiasts and our dedicated readers aware of who should not wear red coral or the negative effects of moonga stone in detail. When an individual knows the pros and cons in depth, he/she can make well-analyzed decisions when it comes to embracing red coral. 

Significance of Red Coral in Astrology

In the extensive realm of Vedic astrology, Red Coral, also known as the ” original Moonga stone” in Hindi, holds paramount importance due to its vehement association with the planet Mars (Mangal). Mars is considered quite a powerful and aggressive planet in Vedic astrology, and Red Coral is widely believed to harness its energies to redress umpteen issues prevailing in one’s horoscope because of the weak position of Mars.

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It is supposed to manifest numerous valuable attributes like courage, wealth, fervor, and fortune. Moreover, natural moonga stone is found to be immensely effective for those who are struggling to find the right life partner because of ‘Mangal Dosh’ or experiencing turbulence in their married life. Red coral is also firmly believed to have a noteworthy effect o the physical health of a wearer. It provides a profound boost to the energy level and provides a great aid in healing numerous deadly ailments, mainly blood and circulatory system-related diseases. 

Who Should Not Wear Red Coral

According to Vedic astrology, there are numerous Zodiac signs and people with numerous unfavorable positions of Mars in one’s horoscope who cannot wear red coral or natural moonga stone. Let’s discuss all the pointers one at a time.

  • People who already have Mars residing at favorable positions in their horoscope should not wear red coral as it would be a sheer waste of money and other resources.
  • If Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are residing at favorable positions in your horoscope, there is no point wearing a moonga stone as these planets are enemies of Mars.
  • People with Zodiac signs Libra, Virgo, and Aquarius should not wear red coral as these Sun signs don’t vibe well with the planet Mars.
  • If the principal planet or also known as the lord planet of your Horoscope is the enemy of the planet Mars, you should not wear red coral at any cost.

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Negative Effects of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone

While Red Coral is strongly believed to provide heaps of red coral positive effects to many individuals, it is essential to remember that gemstones, including Red Coral, can have both beneficial as well as adverse effects based on an individual’s astrological chart and their body’s response to the gemstone. Here are some potential negative effects associated with wearing Red Coral:

Unsuitable for certain zodiac signs: Red Coral is primarily associated with the planet Mars, and it may not be suitable for everyone, especially if Mars is negatively placed in a person’s birth chart or if their zodiac sign is incompatible with the energy of Mars. Wearing an unsuitable gemstone may not provide the desired benefits and could potentially lead to negative effects.

Physical discomfort: Some people may experience physical discomfort or allergies when wearing Red Coral jewelry. This can include skin irritation or rashes, which are common reactions to certain gemstones.

Amplifying aggression: Red Coral is strongly connected to the planet Mars, which represents vitality, energy, and aggression. Wearing Red Coral without proper assessment and guidance may result in an excessive increase in aggressive behavior, making an individual more temperamental and impulsive.

Emotional imbalances: For certain individuals, the heightened energies associated with Mars and Red Coral may lead to emotional imbalances, including increased anger, impatience, and irritability.

Financial losses: In umpteen cases, wearing Red Coral without proper astrological analysis and recommendation by an experienced astrologer may lead to enormous financial losses or professional setbacks.

Relationship issues: Red Coral is also deeply associated with the domain of relationships (treat Mangal Dosh), and if not suitable for an individual, it may cause disturbances in marital or personal relationships.

Psychic disturbances: According to some beliefs, wearing certain gemstones like a natural red coral without proper guidance may attract negative energies or bring psychic disturbances beyond comprehension.

It’s essential to approach astrology and gemstone remedies with caution and seek guidance from a qualified and experienced astrologer before wearing any gemstone. Astrological remedies are not universally applicable, and what works for one person may not work for another. Each individual’s birth chart is unique, and an astrologer can provide personalized advice regarding gemstone suitability and the potential effects they may have. Moreover, if you experience any discomfort or negative effects while wearing a gemstone, it’s advisable to discontinue its use and consult an expert for further guidance.

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