Sunrise Ruby: The Most Expensive Ruby Ever

Precious gemstones have an alluring splendor that has enthralled civilizations over the ages. Among these dazzling treasures, a handful stand apart for their unparalleled hues and extreme scarcity. The Sunrise Ruby exemplifies nature’s phenomenal artistry, unrivaled in its magnificence compared even to the finest rubies and other jewels.

When examining the rareness of prized stones, the focus must be on gems of jewelry quality. Ruby, belonging to the corundum family along with the famed colored sapphires, is itself an uncommon find. However, rubies are even more scarce than other corundum varieties, a notable achievement given the rarity of blue sapphires. A ruby with a natural, vibrant red color is already a rarity. If this ruby also has good clarity and a substantial extent, it ascends into the ranks of history’s most remarkable treasures from the earth. 

Sunrise Ruby Specifications

The Sunrise Ruby, a breathtaking 25-carat gemstone, reigns supreme as the world’s most expensive ruby stone and colored gemstone, commanding an astonishing $30 million USD. While colored diamonds have surpassed this record, the colored diamond market is distinct from the colored gemstone market. With their vibrant hues, colored gemstones stand out from diamonds, which typically lack intense coloration.

The prized Sunrise ruby exemplifies the coveted “Pigeon’s Blood” red hue associated with top-quality Burmese rubies. This rich yet soft crimson tone, subtly illuminated by ruby’s fluorescence, defies exact description but is instantly recognizable to gem aficionados. Debate continues whether the “Pigeon’s Blood” distinction should apply strictly to Burmese stones, or more broadly to gems of any origin displaying this ideal ruby color. 

Still, expert gemological authorities like GRS have bestowed the label on select non-Burmese rubies like the exceptional Mozambique ruby also pictured here, reflecting the transcendent appeal of this rarest ruby shade. In the end, while opinions differ on the semantics, consensus forms around gems with an incomparable pigeon’s blood radiance – a group where the Sunrise ruby surely numbers among the finest in existence.

In the realm of precious stones, the Sunrise Ruby stands as a beacon of unparalleled excellence, a radiant gem that eclipses all others in its path. Its mesmerizing 25.59 carats of pure, unblemished ruby exude an aura of perfection that leaves even the most discerning connoisseurs breathless. To encounter such a treasure is to witness nature’s artistry at its most sublime, a fleeting glimpse of perfection that may never be replicated.

David Benett, a titan in the world of gemstones and jewelry, has spent four decades traversing the globe, appraising and admiring the finest jewels imaginable. Yet, when he laid eyes upon the Sunrise Ruby, his seasoned gaze was met with an unparalleled spectacle of beauty. “In my forty years in this industry,” he confessed, “I have never encountered a ruby of this caliber.” This declaration from a man revered as the “100-carat man,” one who has handled the most exquisite gems in history, underscores the Sunrise Ruby’s singular status – a gem that defies the very notion of perfection itself.

The Gubelin Gemological Laboratory, an esteemed institution renowned for its expertise, meticulously examined the Sunrise Ruby, their verdict echoing Benett’s awe. They described the gem as “a combination of outstanding characteristics,” its “deeply saturated hue of ‘pigeon blood red’ embodying the pinnacle of excellence within this gem category.” The ruby’s brilliance, clarity, and exceptional cut further amplified its captivating beauty, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of internal color reflections. Remarkably, this exceptional gemstone had not undergone any artificial enhancements, its purity a testament to nature’s artistry.

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History of Sunrise Ruby

The legendary Sunrise Ruby originated from Myanmar’s famed Mogok region, the epicenter for mining world-class pigeon blood Burmese rubies revered for their exceptional color saturation and purity. The rough gem was obtained by Gubelin and fashioned into a finely cut and polished jewel – though the specifics of this process remain proprietary. In 2015, the nearly flawless 25.59-carat Sunrise Ruby captivated bidders at Sotheby’s Geneva, selling for an astonishing $30 million. 

Yet just a year later, the even larger 50.47-carat Estrela de Fura ruby broke records when it fetched only $4.5 million more at $34.5 million, a surprisingly modest premium given its additional 25 carats compared to the Sunrise stone. This underscores how factors like the perfection of color and clarity can outweigh sheer carat weight in determining the value of the most sublime and coveted gemstones.

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Ownership of the Sunrise Ruby


Mined from the Mogok region of Myanmar, which is renowned for producing top quality “pigeon’s blood” red Burmese rubies.

Rough Gem Acquisition:

The rough ruby was acquired by Swiss gemological laboratory Gubelin.

Cutting and Polishing:

Gubelin commissioned an undisclosed cutter to fashion the rough gem into a finely polished oval mixed-cut ruby weighing 25.59 carats.

Auction Sale:

The polished Sunrise Ruby was auctioned by Sotheby’s Geneva in 2015, selling for over $30 million.

Current Whereabouts:

The identity of the buyer at auction is unknown. The current owner has not publicly disclosed possessing the Sunrise Ruby. Its location and status following the record-setting 2015 sale is a mystery.

So in summary, the Sunrise Ruby originated in a famous ruby mining area in Myanmar, was obtained and processed by Gubelin, and sold at auction for a record price, but its present-day ownership and location have not been revealed publicly. The breathtaking gem remains ensconced in mystery following its headline-making debut.

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