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In the jovial and lively world of gemstones, Alexandrite stone holds a stature equal to precious gemstones like sapphires and rubies, if not less than them. This stone is a unique and rare gem variety of Chrysoberyl renowned for exhibiting a chatoyancy effect ( also known as the cat’s eye effect).  The color change in Alexandrite gemstones occurs in varieties of light. In sunlight, the original Alexandrite stone changes in green color and red in incandescent light.

Though Alexandrite stone was found in the mountain regions of Russia, the extensive search in the late 1980s led to the unveiling of some more major deposits of Alexandrite stone that are located in East Africa, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. Alexandrite is majorly used in state-of-the-art and swanky jewelry pieces. Apart from implications in various industry verticals, Alexandrite gemstone is also outrageously significant in the Astrological domain. It is vehemently ruled by the planet Mercury and responsible for channeling healing energies into wearers. Moreover, wearing a natural Alexandrite stone also fosters peace and productivity.

The principal purpose of this comprehensive blog post is to make gemstone enthusiasts conversant with all the noteworthy benefits of Alexandrite stone and its enticing healing properties that will enrich your knowledge of this gemstone by leaps and bounds. We have classified Alexandrite stone benefits in physical, intellectual, and monetary categories for the lucid understanding of readers. 

Physical Benefits of Alexandrite Stone

Original Alexandrite gemstone is widely celebrated in the Astrologer’s community for its unbelievable healing properties. It is strongly believed to possess positive energies that can provide excellent aid in the body’s recovery from illnesses or prolonged ailments. 

Alexandrite gemstone is often regarded as a beneficial talisman to keep nearby during periods of stress and turbulence. Strong Advocates of Alexandrite suggests that this stone holds the power to support the restoration of overall health by swiftly improving blood circulation and aiding in the cleansing of internal organs that ultimately improve the immunity of the body. 

Specifically, Alexandrite is thought to offer benefits for organs like the pancreas and spleen, potentially aiding in detoxifying the body by eliminating chemicals and impurities.

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Emotional Benefits of Alexandrite Gemstone

The alexandrite gemstone is firmly believed to have numerous beneficial emotional properties. It is supposed to provide unflinching aid in developing self-confidence, emotional maturity, and an unshakable positive mindset. Some astrologers believe that this stone refines feelings, escalates decision-making ability, finds enjoyment in life, and attracts love.

Proponents of alexandrite claim that it balances emotion and logic, leading to improved decision-making. It may provide clarity when one feels distracted or unsure of the right path. By clearing away negativity, alexandrite can supposedly open people up to receive joy and prosperity.

Some eminent crystal healers and spiritual advisors promote alexandrite as a stone of emotional healing and self-empowerment. It is believed to raise self-esteem, encourage the setting and achievement of personal goals, and promote feelings of inner wealth. Whether due to the power of suggestion or its intrinsic properties, those who feel connected to this stone use it as part of their self-care practices. More research would still be needed to substantiate all the specific benefits attributed to alexandrite gemstones. However, those drawn to crystal healing say that they subjectively feel uplifted by its use.

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Alexandrite Stone Benefits – Spiritual

Alexandrite is celebrated not only for its stunning appearance but also for its extraordinary role as a guardian stone, seemingly dedicated to supporting one’s well-being. 

This scintillating gemstone is believed to provide unwavering support for the uplifting and liberation of the soul, exuding qualities that foster joy, emotional equilibrium, and physical resilience. 

Additionally, Alexandrite is noted to have a profound impact on the spiritual aspect of a wearer by drawing positive energies and opportunities into one’s life. 

Astrologers and spiritual healers suggest that Alexandrite stone serves as a detoxifier for the heart chakra by cutting down emotional blockages and promoting openness in love and life. Moreover, Alexandrite is also said to influence the energy of the crown chakra as this Chakra is associated with expansive thinking and spiritual growth. It encourages a wearer to maintain a broader perspective and a deeper connection to the uncanny spiritual realm.

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Financial Benefits of Alexandrite

There is no denying that Alexandrite stone is a rare and valuable gemstone variety that some believe can attract heaps of wealth and prosperity. Its rarity and distinctive color-changing properties make alexandrite a highly prized stone among jewelers and gem collectors. Fine quality alexandrite can sell for upwards of $10,000 per carat at auction.

For crystal healing practitioners and adherents of stone-based spiritual traditions, the financial power of alexandrite stems from its purported ability to draw money and abundance. Some individuals and astrologers firmly believe and say that its green and red flashes connect the heart and will, allowing one to manifest their financial desires. Others point to historical lore associating Alexandrite with good fortune.

Beyond metaphysical properties, owning alexandrite gemstones can be a fine financial investment. As supplies of natural alexandrite decrease, prices are likely to rise over time. Those with the means to purchase and hold high-quality cut stones stand to gain financially. Additionally, jewelry set with certified alexandrite can appreciate exponentially and become family heirlooms passed down through generations.

While alexandrite jewelry or loose stones require substantial upfront investment, many crystal enthusiasts and gem collectors believe the financial rewards down the line make it worthwhile. As with any speculative investment, prudent research and risk analysis is always advised before purchasing. However the unique attributes and scarcity of top-grade alexandrite make it a potential vehicle for portfolio diversification and profit.

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