Benefits of Wearing September Birthstone Neelam or Blue Sapphire Stone

When talking about Vedic Astrology, there are nine gems affiliated to the nine planets. All are having cosmic energy of their own, an aura and benefits of its own. Talking about one such gemstone I.e. Blue Sapphire also called Neelam in Hindi, which is rich blue in colour, is a stone associated with the planet Saturn or Shani. This planet is owned by Lord Shani. He’s also Saturday’s Lord.

The influence of Lord Shani is quite revered by people in India. Lord Shani is known for his strict justice. One cannot overcome his own deed without getting the fruition for it. Be it good or be it bad. Both are equally counted. Lord Shani is a friend to the people whose deeds are appreciatory and beneficial for society whereas people who betray, backstab, or are atrocious in nature are punished for sure.

1) If Saturn is in a good position in one’s horoscope, then the person will be wise in making decisions, a social worker, a good leader, very honest in earning money, they do not believe in corruption, injustice, they believe in hard work.

2) Malefic effects can be seen if Saturn is ill-positioned in a horoscope. For e.g. they will not enjoy healthy relationships with parents, knee pain, toothaches, bones, ribs will always trouble them, their talents will be hidden from the world, they will get betrayal by their own relatives or friends. They might lose a big amount of money. They are pessimists in their nature.

Due to all such malefic effects on one’s personal or social life, people wear Blue Sapphire to combat all the problems and be in harmony with the self and the world.

Benefits of wearing Blue Sapphire

1) A combination of other few stones, Neelam is considered to cure many short-term problems such as toothaches, pain in the bone, digestive problems, etc.

2) Long-term and chronic problems such as rheumatism, bone cancer, kidney problems nervous problems, and paralysis get cured.

3) The wearer of Neelam brings health, wealth, social security, and happiness in personal life, prosperity, self-realization, mental health.

4) Also it improves relationships with parents, children, and society.

5) People who are going through a financial crisis are benefitted from this stone. They get secured money-wise.

6) One, who wears the Blue Sapphire, pulls himself from the state of depression, dull and sluggish life.

7) The Blue Sapphire helps one meditate on important things in life. This way he is very sure of his decisions, confident in his actions, and has a mental picture of his future.

8) Most gut and digestive problems are because of stress and knots and plugs in life. Blue sapphire stone makes sure a person who wears it gets rid of it.

9) It opens up all mental blockages and relieves the heart of any burden that has been sitting there for a long time.

10) There is internal and external healing overall.

11) Blue Sapphire gives a person the strength and courage to face the world, which is one step forward towards success.

12) The Blue Sapphire opens up the Ajna Chakra. This is directly related to the pituitary gland, which is responsible for our creative imagination and mental abilities.

13) All the neurological disorders get cured by wearing a Blue Sapphire.

14) People with different occupations are benefitted from this gem.

15) The people from the Humanity sector like physicians, neurosurgeons, general surgeons can extract a lot of benefits from these stones. This stone grants us a lot of mental stability and creativity.

16) The stone helps in a person’s responses in situations that demand wisdom and to counter-bat bewildered mannerisms.

17) It is believed that if Saturn is placed positively in the horoscope of a person, there are remote chances of his travel abroad. One might even gain strength and awareness of working hard and diligence, resulting in his permanent settling in his choice of place.

18) The blue sapphire increases the chances of one’s life span putting down his chances of accidents, miss happenings, and theft.

19) He is fortunate enough to be able to make himself secure even in catastrophic conditions.

20) The Blue Sapphire harnesses the starting of a good career, a good relationship, and a favorable future.

By the grace and cosmic powers of the Blue Sapphire stone, one can gain health, wealth, fame, fortune, and spiritual wellbeing.

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