How to Identify Original Yellow Sapphire Effortlessly

how to identify original pukhraj stone

Unquestionably, gemstones are the epitome of divine beauty, mystical powers, healing prowess, and undying charm. Out of all bodacious gemstones, yellow sapphire is arguably one of the most striking and riveting ones as its intense yellow hues can spellbind any individual in no time. Also known by the local name Pukhraj Stone, the yellow sapphire … Read more

How to Check If Yellow Sapphire Suits You?

yellow sapphire

The Yellow Sapphire, a gemstone of profound significance and revered for its transformative energies and potent healing properties, stands as one of the most robust and auspicious precious stones in existence. Known by various names such as Pukhraj stone, Kanakapushyaragam stone, Push raja, Pushpragam, Pushyarag, Peetmani, Peela pukhraj, and more, this gemstone holds a majestic … Read more

Buy Yellow Sapphire Wholesale Price

yellow sapphire stone wholesale

Yellow sapphire or Pukhraj is a very famous stone in its own name. Yellow sapphire is available in yellow color in nature; hence it is also called yellow gemstone. India is said to be a treasure house from the beginning. Different gems are used in different places depending on the importance of the properties. India … Read more

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