Irani Feroza

Irani Feroza Gemstone is the powerhouse of benefits. It increases self-confidence. It increases the strength of your muscles and protects you from evil spirits. Firoza is also called the healing gem of empathy which improves the sensitivity and thinking power of the wearer. 

The Turquoise Gemstone stone is also known as Firoza. Turquoise color is the shining sky blue, is one of the most popular trend colors in the world of jewelry and fashion. The color of the turquoise makes us feel happy and cheerful.

Turquoise is a copper, aluminum, phosphate with a hardness, considerably softer than quartz. It is found where the soil is acidic.

It is the birthstone for who is born in December. Turquoise should be protected from cosmetics and heat.

How to Wear

It's better for the Jupiter zodiac.

It should be worn in the index finger of your right hand on Thursday in the morning during the Shukla paksha (Waxing Moon) Since. It is a substitute for Yellow Sapphire, the procedure for wearing it is also the same as that of Yellow Sapphire. Cleansing the stone with pure water or milk is important in order to remove the negative effects of the stone and also to attain the best energies of the gemstone.


  1. Turquoise is the most efficient heal, providing solace for the.
  2. Turquoise brings positive energy in life.
  3. It Improves love and friendship in life.

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