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Parad Shivling will give fruitful results reguarding your Vastudosha, Grahapeeda, Courtmatters, Bussiness, sevice, Success in Studies, Health, Wealth, , Peace and Harmony. Offer devoted worships to him and put forth your desires and difficulties of life.
After WORSHIP do not throw oblations any where except running river, lakes or sea. If it is not possible put it in flower pots of home or trees except tulsi and peepal. Do not put tulsi leaves as gods do not accept it. Put three leaves intact bel (bilave) leaves facing away from you on top of lingam. Never consume anything which has been offered to shiv lingam, it brings bad omen illness, loss of money and luck. But u can have if it is from given specifically by priest as you cannot refuse or from shiv murti or idol. You can offer coconut, but not coconut water, especially on shiv-lingam. USE ONLY SANDALWOOD TO TILAK NEVER USE KUMKUM & DO DAILY WORSHIP BY WATER STREAM ON SHIVLING.