Hessonite Ring 8.25 Ratti

A huge collection of Hessonite rings are available here. You find a beautiful and amazing collection of Hessonite ring at a best price. Hessonite Rings are available in silver if you want to purchase ring into gold then please contact us. Hessonite also known Gomed in india is found in a nice honey color. Hessonite belongs to the Rahu planet and Rahu is a 'shadow planet. It originates from a calcium aluminum silicate. Hessonite gemstone is usually radiss orange or yellow orange. Hessonite gemstone is an gemstone for the person who are effected from rahu kal. Hessonite gemstone is an birthstone for the person who born in the month of January. Hessonite gemstone is an cool stone who give coolness to person who wear it. If any person have kalsarp dosh aur any other sarp dosh in kundli they need to wear it.