Our Precious Collection

Studded Jewellery Designs

Our natural gemstone collection includes precious gemstones sapphires(yellow, pink, blue) rubies,

emeralds, and semi precious (amethyst, cat's eye, red coral, and many more) and covers the entire spectrum of Birthstones.

We also offer gemstone studded rings, pendants, and bracelets in vibrant designs and

a variety of metals like Silver, Brass (Panchdhatu), Yellow Gold (14K, 18K, 22K), White Gold.

Here Is The Glipmse Of Customized Exclusive Collection

Diamond With Onyx Ring
Flat Diamond Ring
Blue Sapphire Ring in White Gold
Emerald With Diamond Ear Ring
Natural Emerald White Gold
Natural Blue Sapphire Gold Ring
Jodha Bai Gold Nose Ring with Diamond Emerald