Ceylon Blue Moonstone

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Weight In Caret 10.1600
Weight In Ratti 11.1400
Weight in grm 2.0300
Colour White, Blue Sheen
Benefits It is an excellent Gemstone for emotional balance.
Quality Excellent
Shape Oval Cabachon
Mantra “Om So Somaya Namah”
SIZE 13.71 X 12.09 X 8.83 MM
Certification N/A
Treatment N/A

Cylon Blue Moonstone

Blue Moonstone Gemstone, since the planet moon controls the Mind, this Gemstone is excellent for meditation, calmness and serenity. If you will just take a Blue Moonstone and touch it over your eyes you will instantly feel a cool sensation. It is an excellent Gemstone for emotional balance. Since it has Yin energy, it helps controls unnecessary aggression in Men.

How to Wear:

The best finger for wearing the Blue Moonstone is the little finger of right hand. Even though this finger belongs to Mercury, the mount of moon is located below this finger just above the wrist. The Blue Moonstone also gives very good results in the ring finger of the right hand as this finger is ruled by its friend the Sun.

  1. Blue Moonstone Gemstone
  2. It is an excellent Gemstone for emotional balance.
  3. In Many cultures it has been referred to as “The Lovers gemstone “as it helps in finding true love.
  4. It is the Gemstone of fertility.
  5. Have a gentle and pleasing adularescence

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