Who Can Wear Ruby Stone

It is next to impossible to not fall deeply and badly in love with the timeless beauty and charm of ruby gemstone. Hailed and revered for its deep red hues and astronomical value, a natural ruby stone also serves a myriad of astrological benefits to the wearer as well as ramps up the elegance of any jewelry type by leaps and bounds. 

Ruby Stone belongs to the BIG 4 club of gemstones that also encloses sapphires, panna stone, and diamonds. According to Vedic and Western astrology, ruby stone, also known as Manik stone in India, is firmly believed to possess the most potent vibes competent enough to transform all walks of life of a wearer.

Often, gemstone enthusiasts raise significant questions related to natural ruby like who should wear a ruby gemstone or how to wear it? To satiate all these queries, we have jotted down a comprehensive post on who can wear ruby stone that lucidly explains all the vital pointers any ardent ruby stone love must know before embracing it.

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Who Should Wear Ruby?

Before you know about all ins and outs of embracing a ruby stone, it’s imperative to understand which planet rules the original Manik stone and the conditions that must be satiated to wear it without much of a hitch. 

The natural ruby gemstone is ruled by the majestic Planet Sun and exemplifies a lot of desirable qualities like Valor, passion, power, love, divinity, spirituality, credibility, and intimacy. The deep blood-red color hues in rubies are because of the presence of chromium, vanadium, aluminum oxide, and iron. The more intense red color and minimal color zoning in a ruby stone, the more powerful and valuable it is.

People who are born in the Leo zodiac sign can wear ruby gemstones without any hassle. As we already stated, Leo is the zodiac sign ruled by the planet Sun, and this planet also rules over Manik stone. Wearing a ruby stone under the guidance of a proficient astrologer can help to boost the positive qualities of Leo, such as leadership, creativity, and confidence, and consolidate the impact of the Sun in one’s horoscope.

People with Sun sitting at the weak positions in their horoscope must embrace a ruby stone. The Sun is the karaka (significator) of name, fame, success, and health. A weak Sun in the horoscope means less fame, power, acknowledgment, and minimal meaningful relationships. Wearing a ruby stone helps to strengthen the Sun by leaps and bounds and improve the wearer’s chances of success and acknowledgment in other walks of life significantly.

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People who are facing gargantuan challenges in their life and always fail to cash on at the big moments must embrace an original ruby stone. Ruby embodies Sun that is responsible for power and success. Wearing a ruby stone can help to boost the wearer’s confidence and motivation, and can also help to attract opportunities and good luck by eliminating roadblocks.

People who seek to treat all major and minor ailments and give a major boost to overall well-being must wear an original ruby stone. Ruby is a stone of vitality and energy. Wearing a ruby stone can help to improve the wearer’s overall health and well-being by infusing its vibes with the wearer and can also help to cut down stress and anxiety.

Apart from the Leo Zodiac sign, people with Aries, Sagittarius, and Scorpio sun signs can embrace a ruby stone as the Sun shares an affinity with these Zodiac signs. Pisces, Virgo, and Capricorn should never wear a ruby stone as it can bring annihilation in their life. Ruby stone also exhibits a noteworthy impact on Cancer Zodiac.

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A person in whose horoscope Sun is sitting at the 5th, 6th, 9th, or 10th house can also wear a Manik stone after energizing it.

Untreated rubies with intense red color and minimal inclusions are found to be more robust and effective than treated rubies as the untreated rubies are considered exemplary to deliver jaw-dropping results to the wearer in a short span of time. 

It is strictly advised to consult an illustrious and experienced astrologer first before you take the move of roping in a Manikya stone. A gemstone like a pigeon blood ruby is utterly potent and exhibits its impact on the wearer expeditiously. It should be worn only under the guidance of an astrologer who knows the accurate process of energizing and embracing a ruby stone. One must immediately stop wearing it if a Manik stone showcases drastic negative effects.

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