Longido Ruby: A Timeless Marvel

The position of natural ruby stones in the world of gemstones is so towering that no description can do justice to it. We have studied about varied types of rubies but there are some exceptions not in the eyes of general masses but worth knowing. One such exceptional marvel of beauty is Longido ruby stone. Nestled between the sweeping plains of the Serengeti and the majestic foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, the charming town of Arusha serves as a vibrant gateway to some of the world’s most exquisite gemstones. In this picturesque region, the Longido district stands out, famed for producing the finest rubies.

Longido is particularly celebrated for its unique “ruby-in-zoisite” gems. These striking stones feature substantial corundum crystals in shades of red to purplish red, reminiscent of rubies, set against a lush green zoisite backdrop. This captivating green matrix is often accentuated by scattered black amphibole spots, adding to the gem’s distinct allure. The result is the enchanting “Longido ruby,” a true testament to the natural beauty found in this extraordinary part of the world. 

Origin & History of Longido Ruby

Once upon a time, in the year 1949, two English prospectors, Tom Blevins and his partner, found themselves on an extraordinary adventure in the heart of Kenya. These seasoned explorers, who had spent many years traversing the rugged and untamed landscapes of this African nation, were on a quest to uncover hidden treasures within the dry, low-lying hills that formed part of the Masai tribal nation’s planalto, bordering the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.

Armed with their trusty truck and a wealth of practical experience, the intrepid duo methodically examined the terrain, winding along narrow dirt tracks that offered vantage points from which they could venture off-road and scrutinize promising rock formations. For two weeks, they hiked tirelessly, their boots crunching on the arid soil, inspecting surface outcrops and scouring for telltale signs of minerals or gems that might have eroded down the canyons.

Yet, as the scorching sun beat down upon them, their enthusiasm began to wane, and the prospect of leaving empty-handed loomed larger with each passing day. That is, until fate intervened in the form of a remarkable discovery made by Tom Blevins himself.

Late one afternoon, as he ascended a gentle rise, his keen eye caught sight of a small, plant-free basin nestled at the base of a green stone outcrop. What greeted him there was a sight so breathtaking, so electrifying, that it would forever be etched into his memory as the most exhilarating moment of his prospecting career in Africa.

Covering the sides and bottom of this natural sink, glistening in the fading light, was an arresting display of flat, sharp-faced, hexagonal crystals in a deep, ruby-red hue. It was as if the very earth had opened up to reveal a hidden treasure trove, a dazzling display of nature’s raw beauty and geological wonders.

In that instant, Tom Blevins knew that their perseverance had paid off, and that this remarkable discovery of longido manik stone would forever change the course of their lives.

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Longido Ruby Quality & Properties

Longido rubies are known for their exceptional quality and beauty. Discovered relatively recently in 2014, these rubies come from the Longido region of Tanzania. They are prized by collectors and gemstone enthusiasts for their vibrant red color, exceptional clarity, and unique chemical composition.

Here’s a closer look at the quality and properties of Longido ruby:

Color: Longido rubies are known for their classic, bright crimson red color with a medium tone and saturation. This fiery red hue is highly sought after and considered the ideal color for rubies in the marketplace.

Clarity: Longido rubies are known for their exceptional clarity. They often have very few inclusions, making them ideal for cutting and faceting into brilliant gemstones.

Cut: Longido rubies can be cut into a variety of shapes, but brilliant cuts are most common to maximize their brilliance and fire.

Carat weight: Longido rubies can be found in a variety of carat weights, from small stones to larger gemstones. The price per carat will increase with size and quality.

Treatments: Some Longido rubies may be heat-treated to improve their color and clarity. However, many Longido rubies are untreated, which adds to their value.

Here are some additional properties of Longido ruby:

Refractive index: 1.762-1.770

Birefringence: 0.008

Specific gravity: 4.00

Fluorescence: Most Longido rubies show distinct strong fluorescence under long-wave UV light, and are nearly inert to weak red under short-wave UV light.

Chemical composition: Longido rubies are very high in chromium (Cr) and fairly low in iron (Fe) compared to other African rubies. This unique chemical composition can be used to help identify the origin of a ruby.

Overall, Longido rubies are a type of high-quality ruby that is becoming increasingly popular with collectors and jewelry enthusiasts. Their vibrant color, exceptional clarity, and unique chemical composition make them a valuable and beautiful gemstone.

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Benefits of Longido Ruby

The Longido ruby, known for its unique beauty and striking appearance, is also associated with several benefits that make it highly valued in both gemstone and metaphysical circles. Here are some of the reputed benefits of manik of Longido:

Emotional Healing: The vibrant red color of the Longido ruby is often linked to passion, love, and vitality. It’s believed to help heal emotional wounds, promote self-love, and enhance emotional strength.

Energy and Vitality: Rubies are traditionally associated with boosting energy levels and vitality. Wearing or carrying a Longido ruby is said to invigorate the body and mind, providing a sense of rejuvenation and motivation.

Confidence and Courage: The Longido ruby is thought to enhance confidence and courage. It is believed to help overcome fear and self-doubt, empowering the wearer to take bold actions and face challenges head-on.

Prosperity and Abundance: Rubies have long been considered symbols of wealth and prosperity. The Longido ruby, with its rich hues, is often associated with attracting abundance, success, and good fortune.

Protective Qualities: Many people believe that rubies offer protective qualities. The Longido ruby is thought to shield the wearer from negative energies and harmful influences, providing a sense of safety and security.

Physical Health: In alternative healing practices, rubies are sometimes used to support physical health. They are believed to improve blood circulation, detoxify the body, and support overall vitality.

Spiritual Growth: The Longido ruby is also associated with spiritual growth and enlightenment. It is said to open the heart chakra, fostering a deeper connection with oneself and the universe.

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