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As you all know that emerald stone is considered very popular stone. Emerald stones are available in both cheap and expensive prices according to its quality. Emerald stone is found especially in India, Africa, Brazil and Russia. The emerald stone has a green colour that is of the beryl clan. Emerald is the stone of Mercury and is considered auspicious for Mars actions. In general, Emerald Stone is called Panna in Hindi.

Panna is a very beautiful stone and its light dark green colour attracts humans. This stone, which is related to the planet Mercury, is considered to be a stone to increase the intelligence of humans. Margaj and Onyx are considered to be a gemstone. The effect of emerald stone starts appearing within a month.

Emerald Stone Price Online
Emerald Stone Price Online

Panna Stone should be worn on Wednesday on the advice of a good astrologer. It is considered necessary to seek advice from an astrologer because the astrologer will advise you how many carats of Emerald stone you want to wear and which method to wear. Rashi Ratan Jaipur gives you the facility of online free gem recommendation so that you can select for yourself with effective stone per carat. Chanting the mantra “ऊँ बुं बुधाय नमः” (Om Bum Budhaya Namah) 108 times while holding the emerald is beneficial for the stone holder.

Buy Emerald Stone Online
Buy Emerald Stone Online

Special Benefits of Wearing Emerald

Wisdom is developed by wearing emerald because panna stone is a stone of the planet Mercury, so these stones are very beneficial for students.

Emerald stones are also beneficial for a person if they have amnesia or are weak memories.

Panna stone is a good stone for mental people and helps to overcome mental illness early.

Emerald stone is considered to be a profitable stone in the business. Therefore business people should wear Emerald Stone.

All diseases related to the position of Mercury can be removed by wearing emerald stone and removes the defective effects of Mercury. If Mercury is in favourable position, then the person wearing Emerald Stone has interest in astrology, medicine, mathematics, writing, art science, crafts, advocacy, commerce and political science etc.

Mercury planet clerk, preacher, banking, astrologer, literary work, accountant, mathematician, dairy farm, teacher, translator, writer, editor, publisher, bookseller, salesman, chemical, automobiles, parts, journalism, workshop, driver, garage, craftsman, represents persons related to management, building, printing etc. tasks.

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